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Fire Extinguishers UK How to Select the Right One.

Fire Extinguishers UK

Every home should be equipped with at least one fire extinguisher, because most fires are small at the start and could possibly be contained if a fire extinguisher is available and used properly.

How do I select the right kind of fire extinguisher to fight different types of fire? 

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Should You Consider a Burglar Alarm Monitored System?

A burglar alarm monitored system is the most effective means of bringing a response to a home monitored alarm activation. The system passes information to a 24hour alarm receiving centre, who respond to the signal in accordance with agreed police policy and your personal requirements.

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Elite’s Enterview 3 Delivers An Ideal Door Security Solution

Elite’s Enterview 3 Delivers An Ideal Door Security Solution

Door security systems are becoming increasingly popular as home security devices and are especially useful for elderly or disabled people, providing both security and peace of mind.

Types of Door Entry Systems – There is a wide choice of access control systems available from cheap DIY devices, to the more expensive complex hard wired multi user door security systems.

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Wheel Clamps UK… Can Prevent Vehicle Theft and Deter Illegal Parking.

Wheel Clamps UK

Wheel clamps can prevent vehicle theft and deter illegal parking. They are suitable for securing / immobilising cars, vans, caravans, motor-homes, trailers, motorcycles and scooters. They can also be used to protect cars displayed on garage forecourts.

When fitted and locked over the tyre, the clamping device prevents the car from being driven away.

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The Optex Sequad PIR Detectors…Uniquely Confirm Activations With Two Independent PIRs.

The New Optex SeQuad PIR Detectors

Optex Europe Ltd. is a leading global manufacturer of Infrared Detection Devices and has over 25 years experience in this field. The company specialises in the production of both Active and Passive infrared detectors for intruder and event driven CCTV applications.

Their new Super Sequad Sequential Confirmation PIR Detectors are unique in that they contain two independent detectors inside one housing and also incorporate Optex’s patented double conductive shielding. This shield covering the two PIR’s gives greater stability against extreme sunlight and provides even greater RFI immunity.

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The Comfort Web Interface…Controls Your Home Automation System Over The Web.

The Comfort Web Interface Enhances the Comfort system, by extending monitoring capabilities to any TCP/IP network, locally or remotely over the Internet. Add-on modules, which run independently of one-another, also provide text-to-speech, caller ID, e-mail and many other features that will provide extra functionality to your Comfort system.

How About Controlling Your Home Automation and Security Systems Over The Web?  Imagine the marvellous peace of mind to be able to connect to your home automation system from any web enabled PC, at work, in a hotel room or Internet cafe.

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Cheap Burglar Alarms…Usually Audible Alarms Sounding Only at The Premises.

Cheap Burglar Alarms are audible only alarms, where the alert just sounds at the premises. Activation sets off an internal and external siren or bell, however this option is subject to strict police response rules.

is an example of cheap burglar alarms UK. This kit includes –
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Web Cam Intelligent Software… A Complete Control Solution for Home Web Cam Security.

Intelligent Web Cam Software UK

Intelligent Web Cam Software offers a complete control solution for web cam home security, including remote video surveillance and broadcasting. It monitors your home 24 hours a day, captures motion events with audio, saves them into compressed video clips and triggers various alerts, including ftp upload, email, or your phone.

Remote View is an additional feature that can connect to the web cam security software via a telephone line (modem), or Internet (TCP/IP). It enables you to access remote video surveillance of your home from anywhere in the world, using real time video/audio streaming.

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Steering Wheel Locks Do Help to Deter Car Thieves.

Steering Wheel Locks

These security products are mainly a visual deterrent, but can help to secure your vehicle against theft without installing an elaborate alarm system.

They attach to your steering wheel and lock down, to prevent the steering wheel turning and making it impossible for the car to be driven. They are made of hardened steel making them extremely difficult to cut off.Some locks incorporate extra hooks to prevent cutting off.

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The GSM Mobile Phone Tracker Service Has Many Uses Including Personal And Vehicle Security.

This article outlines two innovative new services from World employing tracking devices.

The GSM Mobile Phone Tracker from World Tracker provides a tracking service, which costs from as little as 16p per location.

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