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The Voice-garde Personal Safety Alarm… Takes Personal Safety And Protection To A New Level.

The Voice-garde Personal Safety Alarm

The Louth-based company, Com-Care Security Product Ltd. has taken personal safety and protection to a new level with the introduction of their new Voice-garde Personal Safety Alarm product.

The Voice-garde™ personal safety alarm is a pendant worn around the neck, which when combined with its Home Unit, is the only personal emergency response system to incorporate both a sensitive microphone and loudspeaker, thus enabling users hands-free, two-way communication. 

This new product is a must for anyone potentially at risk of being involved in an emergency situation at a moment’s notice, e.g. professional or industrial security and especially the elderly, physically impaired, or chronically ill.

Features and Benefits of The Personal Emergency Response System Include:- 

  • The Voice-garde Home-Unit is simple to use and can be operated by pressing the large illuminated red button on the unit, which enables hands free speech and alarm call features, or use of the pendant if the Home-Unit is out of reach.
  • In either case the user is given the peace of mind and reassurance that their call for assistance is being processed by both visual and audible indications.
  • The Speech Pendant is a unique miniature personal security alarm trigger about the size of a credit card.
  • Once the panic button on the pendant is pressed it allows users to make hands free alarm calls in an emergency, anywhere within the boundaries of the wireless operating system and even isolated areas at a distance from their Voice-garde Home Unit.
  • The personal security alarm, when interfaced with the Home Unit, automatically interrupts and cancels any other outgoing calls, including separate alarm calls made by the user’s hardwired home security system.
  • The panic button is surrounded by a protective rim and is triggered when the button is pressed for one second. This safeguard has been designed into the system to prevent activation if the pendant is dropped or accidentally pressed, to help prevent false alarms and also to enhance the systems credibility, by providing real time audio verification of an emergency.
  • The speaker housed within the pendant or pull-cord devices, automatically operates in loudspeaker mode and the volume level can be pre-set by the user.
  • When triggered the personal safety alarm’s Home Unit automatically dials out to a user-designated monitoring centre, or any one of ten pre-programmable emergency contact telephone numbers, or interface with additional hardwired peripherals, such as external security/medical sensors or systems.
  • This personal panic alarm allows a monitor centre operator or end user to identify the alarm situation and provide detailed possibly life-saving, information to the emergency services or any other responders.

The Voice-garde Speech Pull-cord. The speech pull-cord provides all the features and benefits of the pendant and differs only in the means of operation to suit a particular user’s needs.

The operation method of the speech pull-cord is unique in that it incorporates three light emitting diodes (LED’s) and a two-tone audible alarm, to inform the user of the alarm status after pulling the cord.

On activating the pull-cord all three LED’s, red, orange, green, will illuminate for 1 sec. The orange and green LED’s will then go off, leaving just the red one lit and an audible tone is then emitted.

On receipt of the alarm signal from the Voice-garde personal panic alarm, the Home Unit will dial the pre-programmed telephone numbers, then inform the user of the action proceeding after which only the orange LED will remain on.

Once a connection has been made and an end user (recipient) has accepted the alarm call, the Home Unit will then send a signal back to the speech pull-cord and only the green Led will be illuminated, thus informing the user that they can now speak and listen to the monitoring station or responder via the loudspeaker within the housing.

The speech pull-cord has a built in battery management system that provides an audible and visual alarm, which will automatically transmit a ‘Low Battery’ status to the Home Unit, where it will be displayed. If the Home Unit has been programmed to dial a control centre they will also be alerted simultaneously.

Applications The Voice-garde personal emergency response system has a number of potential applications, such as:-

Improving the quality of care and lifestyle for people suffering from various health conditions, ranging from the elderly, the physically impaired and the chronically ill.

Protecting others such as ‘latch-key’ children, banks, petrol stations, shops and supermarkets, nursing homes, hospital staff, schools and teachers.

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