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The Lisa Home Monitor System…Provides A Convenient Solution For The Care Of The Elderly.

Personal Security Systems

Lusora Limited is a leader in the development of wireless personal security systems and monitoring products, such as smart sensors for security, surveillance and home health care applications. They have now launched LISA, which is a personal health monitoring system.

The LISA Home Monitor System (Lusora Intelligent Sensory Architecture) Carers often find themselves at odds with the people they look after, due to conflicting needs and challenges. 

Elderly people wish to remain independent and continue living in their homes for as long as possible, however poor health often makes that difficult.

The adult children, on the other hand are anxious about leaving elderly parents on their own, but sometimes the demands of caring for them can prove problematic.

Home monitor systems can provide a convenient solution to these problems, by the use of wireless sensors that detect movements and temperature in key locations around a home.

So at any point during the day a carer can enjoy peace of mind by monitoring a parent’s movements and health in their own home. At the same time, the parent is enabled to remain in his or her home, feeling independent yet secure.

The Lusora LISA is a personal security system over 24/7, which enables senior citizens to stay in constant contact with relatives or care-providers, via a Web interface that delivers data provided by Lusora’s wireless sensor devices.

Among the programmable sensor devices are, a wearable pendant personal security alarm that automatically detects a fall and triggers alerts and miniature tags that monitor movements and activities throughout the protected home.

How Does The LISA Home Monitor System Work?
Lusora’s LISA is a wireless personal security product that uses the latest technologies to safeguard homes and families. The home monitor system includes a series of remote wireless sensor devices, controlled from a hub and a Web-based viewing platform from which the devices can be programmed and monitored.

This personal security product solves many of the installation, power and reliability problems associated with traditional wired home monitoring systems, for example, where wiring is impossible or impractical and where low power usage and low cost is a requirement.

All of the LISA sensors placed throughout the home can be programmed individually by means of the integrated viewing platform, to take account of the unique habits of the person or people living there.

For example, if a bedroom door is not opened within the normal time span for the occupants, an alert can be sent automatically to the care-provider(s) via the Web interface, mobile phone messaging, or email.

LISA Sensor Devices

  • The LISA Pendant is a wearable device that includes an emergency panic alarm, tracking device and automatic fall sensor. The device employs advanced electronics for measuring sudden gravitational changes such as those experienced in a fall. It can be calibrated to prevent false alarms.
  • The LISA Tag is about the size of a credit card and monitors activity such as motion and temperature changes.Typically, tags are placed on doors and windows throughout the home or residential care unit, as well as key places in the house such as medicine cabinets and refrigerators taking account of specific usage by the occupants.
    The device has tiny sensors that detect any movement of the tag itself, or infrared from a person moving near the tag. Each tag is powered by a lithium battery and is designed for 1-2 years usage.
  • The LISA Hub is the intelligent controller for all of the sensor devices and communicates with the viewing platform. It controls each sensor and enables two-way communication of voice and data across the local wireless network and the encrypted Internet uplink.
  • A choice of communication possibilities is provided, from DSL/cable to dial-up modem over a regular telephone line.
  • LISA Viewing Platform The LISA Remote Viewing Platform is a Web-based interface that allows carers to control, adjust and monitor the LISA hub and sensor devices. The system can quickly be configured to manage automated care procedures.

The LISA home monitor system provides the following benefits:-

Ease of Installation.

It is totally wireless and self configurable.

Requires just a standard telephone line-no need for a PC or broadband.

The sensors include Velcro pads enabling them to be positioned easily.

Ease of Use – All the devices can be remotely managed through a simple to use Web interface and no complicated set-up or re-charging of devices is required.

Automatic Detection of Problems.

The LISA personal security product has the unique ability to automatically detect falls and other potential risks, even if the elderly person is incapacitated, and unable to summon help.

The sensors automatically detect sudden changes in acceleration, and can determine movement throughout the home.

The personal security alarm monitors for and automatically learns patterns in daily living and provides early warning.

Community Alerting LISA is ideal for use by multiple carers, associations, charities, doctors, nurses, friends and relatives, or evendirect to a 24/7 call centre for immediate response.

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