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Personal Security…People Fear Being the Victim of a Violent Attack.

Personal Security

British Crime Survey statistics show, that there has been an increase in violent crime – both violence against the person and violence against property.

The survey considers this is due to improvements in data recording practices introduced in 2002. Violent crime recorded by the police rose from 52% in the year to September 2002 and to 62% in September 2003.

Personal Security at Home

Many people, especially the elderly are frightened that they, or a loved one, may be the victim of a violent attack, however most people already take sensible precautions, to minimise the risks.

Hints and Tips.

  • Ensure your house or flat is at least basically secure by applying the security measures discussed elsewhere on this site. Keep all external doors locked even when you are at home. Keep keys in a safe place away from the door, where you can find them quickly in an emergency; e.g. you may have to evacuate your home in the event of fire.
  • You should change the locks on moving to a new house, as the previous occupiers or their relatives or friends could still have keys for the premises.  Don’t entrust keys to tradesmen, as copies can now be obtained easily.
  • Use blinds or draw your curtains after dark. If you are alerted by a noise outside and you are worried that there may be an intruder, don’t hesitate just dial 999.
  • For great peace of mind and personal security, get into the habit of doing a security tour of your home before going to bed. Check that all doors and windows are locked, garage secure, all fires/heaters are safe and cooker controls are off etc., you will be surprised how often you will find something requiring action.
  • If you wake in the night fearing you have heard a noise, indicating an intruder is in your home, you could switch on the lights and make a lot of noise by moving about; if you are alone, call loudly as if to another occupant- these actions tend to frighten off most burglars.
  • It is a good idea for personal protection to have a telephone extension in your bedroom, or have a mobile phone, then you would be able to call the police immediately, without alerting the intruder.
  • If on arriving home, you see signs of a break-in, like a broken window or an open door, do not enter the premises, but call the police from a neighbour’s house.
  • If you are selling your home, never show people around on your own. A reputable estate agent usually sends a representative with viewers.

Personal Security Out and About.

The chance that you or a member of your family will be the victim of an attack is low, as violent crimes are still comparatively rare. Check the crime statistics for your area as a guide to the risk.

If you are often out and about on your own or in the dark, then you can make yourself safer by using common sense and taking a few precautions, to enable you to live your life without restriction.

Personal Security Hints and Tips 

  • Carry your bag close to you with the fastener facing inwards and if a thief snatches your bag, let it go, otherwise you could get hurt in a struggle. Remember your safety is more important than your property.
  • Carry your house keys in one pocket, credit cards in another, cover up valuable jewellery and keep mobile phones and purses out of sight.
  • Using a personal stereo while out walking or jogging is not wise, as you may not be aware of someone following behind you.
  • A personal security alarm, is a good idea and there is a wide choice available, but buy one that is designed to continue the alarm if it falls to the ground. At night carry the alarm in your hand, so that you can activate it immediately to shock and frighten off an attacker.
  • Keep to well lit busy streets and don’t take shortcuts through dark alleys, parks or woods, especially at night. It is a good idea to change your regular route occasionally.
  • Don’t put your personal security at risk by accepting lifts from strangers, that includes hitch-hiking.
  • If you are approached or threatened by a kerb crawling motorist, scream to attract assistance, and run away in the opposite direction, which makes it more difficult for the car driver to follow.
  • Should you suspect that you are being followed, you can check by crossing the road several times to see if they follow you. If it then appears that they are, make for the nearest busy street, enter a shop or knock on the door of a nearby house and call the police.
  • Lessons in self-defence and personal safety awareness training are a good idea and can help you to feel more confident and secure. Courses are usually available at college evening classes.

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