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The Bosch Blue Line Detectors…Provide Optimum Performance And Maximum Flexibility.

The Bosch Blue Line Alarm Detectors

Bosch Security Systems have launched a new generation of high technology intrusion PIR alarm sensors, called Blue Line, aiming to provide optimum performance and  maximum flexibility for installation in virtually any residential or light commercial environment.

This new range of alarm sensors– designed with a pleasing horizontal blue crescent, is comprised of just four models and a choice of two camera modules to provide the technology installers need to provide a complete solution.

The Four Models In The Range Include:- 

  • The Blue Line P1 Passive Infrared Alarm Detector (PIR).
  • The Blue Line P1-P Pet Friendly PIR alarm sensor with technology that distinguishes signals caused by humans from those caused by family pets.
  • The Blue Line Q1 Quad PIR that incorporates two individual detectors, both of which must trigger to cause an alarm. Eight detection layers include user-selectable, look-down and coverage zone.
  • The Blue Line D1-P Tri Tech PIR/Microwave motion detector alarm, combines PIR and microwave detection technology with proprietary signal processing algorithms, to differentiate disturbances in the detector field. Distinguishes signals caused by humans from those caused by one or two animals (or numerous rodents) with a combined weight of 100 lbs (45 kg).

Features and Benefits of The Bosch Blue Line Alarm Detectors:-

Blue Line offers a greatly simplified and rationalised product range – a choice of just four detectors and two camera modules, to cover almost every eventuality an installer may face. This means specification is easier and his time is maximised.

The Advanced First Step Processing (FSP) is an innovative feature common to all four models that provides almost instantaneous response to human targets, whilst eliminating false alarms created by other sources. FSP automatically adjusts sensitivity, therefore there is no need for an installer to select the sensitivity level for each application.

These motion detector alarms cover all ranges up to 11m (35ft) without adjustments and provide user-selectable lock-down zones.

The Blue Line PIR alarm sensors feature a novel, easy-to-mount, two piece design. All electronics are in a sealed optical chamber, which provides draught and insect immunity that attaches to the blank base.

All Blue Line detectors compensate for temperature variations to assure optimal performance regardless of ambient conditions.

No adjustment is required for mounting heights of 2.25m to 2.74m (7.5ft to 9ft). A choice of brackets including ceiling mounts can be used with any Blue Line detector model.

A convenient plug-in terminal strip makes for easier access to the wire terminals and a clever screw-less cover lock further simplifies installation.

Two Camera Modules are available which, can be attached to any of the four Blue Line detectors:-

The Blue Line A1-CM Monochrome Camera Module A CCD camera that can operate continuously, or can be pre set to work for either 15 seconds or 90 seconds when triggered by the detector alarm. It features 380 TV lines of horizontal resolution and 3-lx light sensitivity. EIA and CCIR video formats are available.

The Blue Line A1-CC Colour Camera Module features 330 TV lines of horizontal resolution and 3.4-lx light sensitivity. NTSC or PAL format. This camera also operates continuously, or can be pre set to function for either 15 seconds or 90 seconds when triggered.

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