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Security Software ActiveHome… A Powerful Interface for Home Security Automation.

Security Software UK ActiveHome CM11A


  • Control any X-10 Pro device in your home from your computer screen.
  • Define security schedules to make your home look lived-in while you’re away.
  • Create schedules to run the lights and appliances in your home 24 hours a day.
  • Define macros to control groups of X-10 Pro devices, based on inputs from remote controls, sensors, etc.
  • Widely supported by third-party programs. 

Controlling lights and appliances has never been easier. The Activehome Pro security software kit is an affordable standalone microcomputer system, which can be programmed by connecting it to your PC. Using the Activehome Pro controller you can control lights and appliances. It is programmed on your PC yet runs separately.

The security software uses flexible, user-friendly X10 accessories that work with the existing electrical wiring in your home, eliminating the hassle and expense of additional wiring.

Virtual wiring graphics is the most powerful feature of the ActiveHome security software. You can set up sequences (known as macros) of events to happen from any location in your home. On-screen images of switches, allow you to control x10 appliances instantly from your computer by clicking on them.

E.g. when you arrive home, you can press one button on an X10 wireless keychain remote control from your car, as you approach the house. This signal is received by an X10 BaseTransceiver that transmits a code onto your house wiring.

The Automation Interface receives this code and starts off the Macro you have set up, which then turns on your driveway lights, your porch light, your hallway light, and 5 minutes later turns off the driveway lights and the porch light – all from a single button press!

Activehome Pro security software uses a built-in scheduler, to control any device in your home at times you define. The scheduling capability is flexible, so you can vary the times that lights and appliances turn on or off, to make your home look lived-in, providing an excellent deterrent to burglars. Scheduling light and appliance activity, can also help you manage your energy consumption, thus saving you money.

Interface Works With the PC Switched Off Once the interface has been set up, the PC is no longer needed. Two AAA batteries retain the time, scheduled events and macros for up to a week if the power fails.You can even disconnect the interface after programming it and plug it in elsewhere in your home.

X10 Products can be used to automate just about any home security resource that you can think of.

You can have motion sensors installed anywhere in the house, that turn lights on when potential intruders approach. This is a useful safety feature, when you approach or leave your house and for guests arriving and leaving at night. You can widen this benefit to gate control, alarm systems, fire prevention and wireless camera monitoring too.

How about generating a house lighting cycle for use when you are away on holiday, that follows your typical patterns at night, including a chance element, so that lights don’t come on at exactly the same time, should a thief be watching your home.

Security Camera Software When an outside motion sensor floodlight detects an intruder, not only will the light come on, it also triggers a network of devices, that will activate cameras, start video recorders, or dial out a warning to 4 different preset telephone numbers.

Computer System Requirements

  • PC compatible computer with Windows 3.1/95/98/ME/2000 and Windows XP. (8 Meg RAM recommended).
  • VGA resolution display.
  • Hard disk with at least 7 Megabytes of available disk space.
  • One serial port for the X-10 Home Automation Interface.

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