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Sold Secure – Is Dedicated to Reducing The Risk Of Crime By Assessing Security Products.

Sold Secure – The Security Technology Centre

Is a non-profit making company, committed to reducing the risk of crime by assessing the quality of security products.

Northumbria and Essex Police, with the help and backing of the Home Office established Sold Secure UK in 1992. The Company is now administered by the Master Locksmiths Association and operates from specially designed laboratories in Daventry. 

Their Mission Statement is ” To test and provide professional and accurate advice regarding effective security products to Commercial Customers, the Insurance Industry, the Home Office, the Police and the Public.”

The enterprise liaises with a number of constabularies and insurers, who constantly provide updated information regarding the current modus operandi of theft and the equipment used by criminals in their areas. Thus security products can be specified and assessed, in the light of the current risks to which they might be vulnerable.

They work on the premise that a thief is anxious not to spend a long time when stealing. Therefore tested products are developed to cause the thief the maximum of difficulty to thwart his work.

Sold Secure UK is an independent test laboratory, where products are tested by a highly motivated team of professional locksmiths, under the direction of the Chief Executive Dr. Martin White. They apply methods in the evaluation, which are used by thieves.The fees charged for it’s projects, which are provided at very competitive rates, are the only source of income for Sold Secure.

Any Manufacturer or supplier can apply to have their products endorsed by Sold Secure and those which have been satisfactorily assessed, are entitled to exhibit the Sold Secure Quality Mark.

Sold Secure distributes information free of charge about approved products to crime prevention officers, insurance companies, the media, the Home Office and the public.

The Company’s advice is “ALWAYS buy the best security device you can afford and make sure it has the Sold Secure logo clearly displayed.”

Security Products Consult the company web site for lists of products, which have all been extensively tested, to reduce the risk of loss due to crime as follows:-

  • Automotive Cars, Motorcycles, Scooters and Commercial vehicles.
  • Buildings Domestic and commercial locks, bolts, padlocks and anti ram raid posts.
  • Leisure Security for bicycles, caravans and trailers.
  • Safes Security enclosures, safes, tool boxes etc.

Web site:- http://www.soldsecure.com/

Bookmark the site as the product list is updated every month. The whole database is also available for download.

Sold Secure is an excellent resource when you are looking for effective quality security products.

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