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Steering Wheel Locks Do Help to Deter Car Thieves.

Steering Wheel Locks

These security products are mainly a visual deterrent, but can help to secure your vehicle against theft without installing an elaborate alarm system.

They attach to your steering wheel and lock down, to prevent the steering wheel turning and making it impossible for the car to be driven. They are made of hardened steel making them extremely difficult to cut off.Some locks incorporate extra hooks to prevent cutting off.

The preferred method of fitting is with the extension arm between the driver’s door and the windscreen. This method obstructs the thief from turning the steering wheel.

Another variation on vehicle steering wheel security, is a lock that attaches to the steering wheel and the brake pedal, rendering both immobile.

There are types that protect the driver’s airbag as well, by means of an extension to the bar, or a disc-style, which works in conjunction with a standard car steering wheel lock. Airbags are valuable and have become a prime target for theft.

There is a wide choice of reasonably priced steering wheel locks available, e.g.

The Autolok 2000

Completely covers the steering wheel and helps to protect the driver’s airbag from theft. Easily fitted and cannot be removed by cutting the steering wheel or drilling. Clearly visible by day & night.

Quick and easy to use. Bright yellow powder coated body. Black plastic dipped hooks cradle the steering wheel without causing damage. Drill and pick resistant lock bolt. Fits most cars with or without an airbag.

Stoplock Pro

Made from hardened anti-saw steel and fitted with a deadlock anti-drill locking system for cars with or without airbags.

Look for the Sold Secure or Thatcham approved labels, as a guide to quality and effectiveness.

¬†Bulldog Wheel Locks… a visual deterrent, which protects your car against theft.

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