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The Supermule Security Device…Could Prevent Your Caravan Being Towed Away By Thieves.

Caravan Security Device

Your caravan and its contents are very valuable and a prime target for thieves, so it is becoming increasingly important that you make it as secure as it can be and also provide you with peace of mind.

Since around 3000 caravans are stolen annually in the UK, Insurance Companies usually offer discounts in premiums, to encourage owners to improve their caravan security.  

With this in mind the following product could prove effective in deterring would be thieves:-

The Supermule Caravan Anti-Theft System is claimed to be the only caravan/trailer security system, which is fixed directly to the vehicle chassis to prevent your caravan or trailer being towed away by thieves.

The Supermule caravan security device is very simple. You just wind down the strong steel angled ‘leg’ (like a stabiliser, or steady), which is fixed to the chassis, thus protecting the caravan floor from being stressed. If a thief then tries to tow the caravan or trailer away, the device simply digs into the ground effectively stopping removal.

This caravan security product can be fitted to caravans or trailers with longitudinal chassis members and although it is very easy to fit, the design ensures that it is almost impossible for a thief to remove it.Once fitted, it can be fully deployed in just 30 seconds, making it easy to use even for the shortest stops on long journeys.

Complete fitting details and drill templates are supplied, together with operating instructions and warning stickers, for display on your caravan to deter thieves.

There are two types of this caravan security product available:-

The MS 100 Supermule High Security Anti-Theft Lock (Internal)- Is wound down from inside the caravan – suitable for caravans.

The MS 102 Supermule High Security Anti-Theft Lock (External) – Is wound down from the outside – suitable for caravans and trailers.

Supermule could prevent you being the next victim of caravan theft, however no anti-theft system can guarantee 100% security, but this one goes a long way to deter would be thieves.

The Supermule caravan security device is approved by leading manufacturers, is of British-made all steel construction and guaranteed.

The Supermule caravan anti-theft system has gained the prestigious ‘SOLD SECURE Caravan Gold Seal of Approval’.

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