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Swimming Pool Safety…An Alarm Can Provide That Extra Protection For Your Loved Ones.

Swimming Pool Safety Vigilance is the best way to prevent a child from drowning, but it is difficult to be vigilant 100% of the time and even the best parents sometimes take their eyes off their children just for a minute or two. Most pool accidents happen without any warning in less than five minutes; the amount of time it takes to make a cup of coffee.

Do I need a swimming pool safety alarm?

The Facts:-Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury related deaths among children under 14 years in the UK, with most of the victims being under 5 years old. 

Most accidents and deaths take place whilst the child is being looked after by a parent and in most cases the child was out of sight for less than 5 minutes.

Family’s that have lost a child usually end up in divorce.

Drowning and near drowning accidents even occur in pools or ponds with perimeter fencing and gate alarms.

Swimming pool safety alarms can provide you with extra protection for your loved ones and help keep your children from becoming another statistic.

While Supervising children at the swimming pool – try to avoid common distractions such as:-

Telephone calls, either incoming or outgoing.


Cooking timer alarm.

The laundry requiring attention.

Another child making a fuss or crying.

Other children fighting or otherwise demanding attention.

The other child’s nappy you go to change or give a bottle to.

The pet that causes a mess, runs around, gets in a fight or wants to go out or come in.

Drowning prevention begins and ends with proper adult supervision, however, installing as many child water safety features as possible into your pool, will greatly enhance your enjoyment and peace of mind!

Types of Swimming Pool Safety Equipment There are various solutions available for safety in swimming pools to consider depending upon your budget, type of pool, and technical requirements, including power safety covers, permanent perimeter fencing and gates, sub-surface alarms, child’s wrist alarms etc.

I am featuring two innovative systems here which feature modern technology:-

The SonarGuard Pool Security System is a very advanced swimming pool alarm system, which utilises sonar technology to provide immediate and complete protection in any size or shape pool, spa, or other body of water.

SonarGuard’s technology was developed from RJE Technologies extensive experience with sonar navigation and search systems, used by the U.S. Special Forces and for recovery of black boxes in aircraft.

It took 5 years to develop, test, and validate this swimming pool safety alarm, which can be used in both new and existing swimming pools.

Features of SonarGuard for drowning prevention and child water safety are:- 

  • A swimming pool safety alarm system that provides the last layer of defence with an invisible, ever-presentunderwater “sonar-net” to protect your family.
  • This sonar swimming pool safety equipment provides an attractive alternative to spa barriers, pool fences or gates.
  • Always on guard – 24/7.
  • Works in any pool size or shape.
  • Is invisible.
  • Prevents false alarms.
  • This system is always professionally installed and maintained.
  • SonarGuard is now fully CE Certified and already being installed in Europe.

 The FINMAR Infra Red Active Passive Alarm This swimming pool safety alarm combines the latest technologies used in all other alarms in one package and is easily affordable, with features and benefits as follows:-

  • Uses pool mounted passive infra-red motion detectors.
  • Each unit simultaneously detects both motion and heat of anyone passing by and will not be activated by inanimate objects.
  • Able to detect any movement no matter how large or small a person or animal may be.
  • An additional perimeter fence is not required as part of the system as it is with some other types.
  • This key operated system runs on batteries, or a DC power adapter and has a 24-hour warning signal for low battery power.
  • The alarm is fitted with a 110-decibel micro siren, which is one of the loudest alarms on the market and can be heard up to 50 yards away.
  • The alarm covers an area of 8.5-yard radius and a 150-degree zone.
  • This swimming pool safety alarm system protects your children even before they get wet and could also prevent the theft of your pool equipment.

 Some Swimming Pool Safety Tips 

  • Keep an emergency phone in the pool area and don’t answer the phone while your children are in the pool.
  • Have a First Aid Kit handy.
  • Keep basic lifesaving equipment by the pool and know how to use them. A ring buoy, shepherd’s hook, life preserver and approved personal floatation devices.
  • An alarm bell to call for help is a good idea.
  • Teach children water safety habits:- children should not run, or push others under water, jump on others, dive or jump in shallow water. They must not swim during lightning storms or other bad weather conditions.
  • Keep in mind that children’s ability to swim doesn’t make them ‘drown proof’.

In considering a swimming pool safety alarm you should compare features, price, and reliability, consider the power source or sources, failure protection and any potential for inadvertently disarming the warning system.

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