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The Web Cam Software/Incontrol…Offers A Complete Control Solution For Home Security.

The Incontrol Web Cam Edition from Digital-Cybermasters DCM

The Incontrol Web Cam Edition from Digital-Cybermasters DCM Intelligent Web Cam Security Software offers a complete control solution for home security, including remote video surveillance and broadcasting. It monitors your home 24 hours a day, captures motion events with audio, saves them into compressed video clips and triggers various alerts, including ftp upload or e-mail. 

For example:-

The DCM Web Cam Software Incontrol Is an ideal way to protect, control, view and automate your home via the Internet, using your web cam and a Windows PC while at home, at work, or away.

Features and Benefits:-

  • No need to open up your PC.
  • This web cam surveillance software converts your web cam into a security camera by integrating powerful motion detection technology. Place your web cam, strategically to guard your property and if an event occurs, the Incontrol web cam software will digitally record the occurrence and e-mail you a picture of the incident.
  • Monitor and listen in to your home live – from anywhere in the world using your web cam and Internet account**. The web cam software Incontrol enables you to dial into your home across the Internet and view your property in real time. You don’t even require to be permanently connected to the Internet as the Digital Cybermaster’s server ensures that your PC only connects when you activate it.
  • The web cam software transforms your PC into a full featured digital recorder, which is able to record video using time lapse or motion event capture modes. The digitally recorded footage can be easily searched, filtered and played back.
  • Using Incontrol’s scheduling features, you can program your X10 controlled appliances* to switch on or off automatically, or using the motion detection feature, cause designated lights in the house to be switched on if an intruder walks in front of your web cam.
  • Take control of your home using wireless X10 automation technology* plus web cam software Incontrol, to switch appliances on or off, fade lights and more from the comfort of your PC. You can even control your home from anywhere** via the Internet.

* The Home Automation features require a separate X10 PC interface and control modules.

** Requires connection credits for this service if using dial up PSTN or ISDN, but not if you have a broadband connection.

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