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The Comfort Web Interface…Controls Your Home Automation System Over The Web.

The Comfort Web Interface Enhances the Comfort system, by extending monitoring capabilities to any TCP/IP network, locally or remotely over the Internet. Add-on modules, which run independently of one-another, also provide text-to-speech, caller ID, e-mail and many other features that will provide extra functionality to your Comfort system.

How About Controlling Your Home Automation and Security Systems Over The Web?  Imagine the marvellous peace of mind to be able to connect to your home automation system from any web enabled PC, at work, in a hotel room or Internet cafe.

You could check on the condition of your home while travelling and discover if your systems are functioning correctly, e.g.are the lights being switched on and curtains closed at night, or any evidence of an intruder detected. Did you arm the security system before leaving?

If you have a Comfort Home Control System, you can already do these things remotely by telephone e.g. speak to a visitor at the door, collect your voice mail messages, control the security and operate the lights and appliances.However now you can access your system over the web from your browser with:-

The Comfort Web Interface UK Enables you to control your Comfort Home System using their web site interface, from a remote location e.g. your office, the car or your holiday home, using a web browser to view your own local Web Server at home.

The Web Server is connected to the Comfort System via an RS232 module (UCM) and has it’s own unique IP address (Internet Protocol). However the server may need to be available for access 24 hours a day ** see below) and password protection is advised to prevent undesirable access.
After entering your IP address into your browser, you can view up to eight video cameras around your home (one at a time) and check on the status of the zones caused by any activity, or any ‘active’ alarm events, including the event log and so on, just as if you were there.

** My Web Server PC Is Not Always Online. If for any reason your Web Server PC cannot stay online, waiting for your need to access your system over the Internet, the Comfort Web InterfACE solves the problem, by allowing you to telephone in to your Comfort system and boot up your PC to ‘online’ status.

The system is also able to initiate a dial-up Internet connection, in response to any Comfort event, for example, to send an e-mail when there is an intruder alarm, or any other event programmed to communicate with you.

A link is added to the web page so that the browser can send a hang-up command to the web InterfACE, which promptly closes down the ISP connection.

Your Home PC or Laptop Acts As a Web Server. The Comfort Web InterfACE works with Microsoft’s Personal Web Server (PWS) and when both are installed onto your PC or laptop, InterfACE installs it’s Web Pages into the PWS directory on your PC, (saved as Active Server Pages .asp) and installs information taken from the Comfort configuration file (your custom designed Comfort System set up).

The Comfort Web Interface UK Can Be Connected In Three Ways:-

  • As a Client piece of software to control a Comfort system connected over the same INTRANET, in conjunction with InterfACE server software.
  • As a client piece of software to control a Comfort system connected over the ‘INTERNET’, in conjunction with InterfACE server software.
  • As a browser-based platform of control, available by the client over Intranet or Internet connection, by employment of Microsoft’s Personal Web Server and InterfACE Server software. (Without the need for further software on the client PC, just a browser is required).

The Comfort Web Interface design allows any Comfort action code, or custom responses to be linked to multiple ‘named’ buttons on customisable screens, to provide manual control options; or similar buttons, designed as part of a web page using html.

You could access the whole Home Control Menu on-screen, so that you can switch lights via X10, arm the system in certain modes, or by pass zones, disarm the system, switch cameras, doors, gates and curtains – via outputs.

The Comfort Web Server Module CWM01 Is an add-on module, which allows Comfort to be connected to a Local Area Network as well as to the Internet.

It comes with 2 RS232 interfaces and an Ethernet interface. The embedded web server software is also built-in allowing web pages representing a home, office or factory layout, with alarm points and appliances to be displayed on a browser.

The activation of motion detectors as well as the opening and closing of doors and windows is shown on the screen as they occur.An Internet Enabled LAN or Router is required.

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