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Wireless Alarms UK…FM Electronics Offer A Complete Range of Wireless Alarm Systems.

Wireless Alarm Systems UK FM Electronics design manufacture and supply an innovative range of wireless alarm systems. It is a BSI registered company, number FM32224 and operates a quality management system that fully complies with BS EN 9001: 2000

This company offers a comprehensive range of wireless alarm systems UK for the protection of homes, family, or business use. For example a wireless alarm system can comprise of:-

The FM4000X, 8 Zone Expandable Wireless Control Panel is a wireless control panel designed to meet Class 6 and Class 3 specifications. This panel meets BSDD243:2002 requirements.

The FM4000X is a versatile wireless alarm control panel designed to meet BS6799 Class 6 specifications.

The 4000X can be used on it’s own with the facility to expand the system later if required, for up to 8 Zones + Fire + Panic. There are no unsightly wires or disruption to decor on installation.

  • A unique factory set code with more than 1 million differs, prevents cross talk between nearby systems.
  • Non-volatile memory ensures that programmed data is never lost even in the event of power failure.
  • Connections are provided for an Autodialler to call a neighbour or a Digital Communicator for Central Station Signalling. Outputs for communication can be inverted by channel.
  • Connections for conventional SAB, SCB or siren, with a bell test facility and a built in sounder, with entry exit volume level adjustment.
  • Low Battery and Tamper indication by zone.
  • Remote engineer reset and an 8 event engineers log.
  • This wireless alarm system UK can be expanded as requirements change and can be taken with the user when moving house.

Settings and Use 

  • The Part Set facility provides the user protection whilst at home and the Chime Select, allows the setting of any zone to chime, when a detector is activated. Zone Omit allows any combination of protection zones.
  • There are Keypad and Remote Arming options, a 4 digit user changeable PIN number and the user can recall the last alarm display by a single button entry. Final exit setting and the exit time can be terminated, whenever a contact on the exit route is closed.
  • This burglar alarm panel provides the option of two separate alarm systems i.e. if the office and flat are on the same premises.
  • Dimensions 270mm wide x 155mm high x 80mm deep.

The 4600-GB Class 6, Wide Angle General-Purpose PIR. Is an internal PIR with integral transmitter and antenna that operates with any FM4000 series control panel. Maximum radio range is 100 metres. Fully Tamper protected.

It features A standard lens with 12 Metre wide angle, which is interchangeable. Pulse count level selectable between 1,2 or 4 pulses. The battery condition is monitored and in normal use has a life in excess of 12 months. Dimensions 110mm high x 62mm wide x 57mm deep.

The 4605-GB Class 6, Pet Tolerant PIR is also available if required.

The 4650-GB Class 6 Contact Transmitter Is a general purpose transmitter, which operates with any FM4000 series control panel. It is designed for use as a magnetic door contact transmitter, when the built in reed switch is located next to a suitable magnet. It is fully tamper protected and can be used to terminate the exit time.

Screw terminals are provided for external closed alarm contacts, tamper loop and open push to set. It is powered by 2 x AA cells and the battery condition is monitored. Dimensions 40mm wide x 160mm high x 28mm deep.

The 4173-GB Remote Control A radio remote control for part or fully arming and disarming any FM 4000 control panel, with a dual action panic facility. Can be programmed to unset the control panel only after an entry zone has been violated.

Options are provided for Full set, Part set, and Panic, off. The maximum radio range is 100 metres. An LED indicates a serviceable battery when the unit is operated and it is powered by 2 x 20mm 3v Lithium Cells. Dimensions 100mm x 44mm x 20mm.

The 4660-GB Class 6 Smoke Detector Is an optical smoke detector, which is less prone to false alarms than the cheaper ionisation type. The detector is powered from it’s own PP3 battery and has a built in transmitter powered from 2 AA cells.

It signals an audible indication at the smoke detector and to the control panel in alarm conditions, or when the battery needs replacing. The maximum radio range is 100 metres and it operates with any FM4000 control panel. Dimensions 145mm Diameter x 80mm deep.

A range of accessories for expansion, or to suit additional requirements are available for the wirless alarm systems.

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