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The New X10 FloodCam Wireless CCTV…Combines Camera And PIR Sensing Lights in a Compact Solution.

The X10 ‘FloodCam’ Motion Sensing Floodlight and Wireless CCTV.

The New X10 FloodCam Wireless Camera combines the best of X10 surveillance and motion-activated technology in one compact powerful solution.

Take any intruders by surprise when caught in the glare of the twin floodlights (bulbs not included) and instantly capture all the action on your TV or video recorder.

The FloodCam wireless video camera is fully weather-resistant with an integrated 2.4 GHz transmitter and X10 motion sensor on a dual floodlight casing.

How Does It Work  When someone approaches your home, the FloodCam Colour Wireless CCTV Camera is activated by the integrated wireless motion sensor(within a range of up to 50 feet), which switches on the floodlights.

The camera then instantly begins capturing the event on video and sends the pictures wirelessly via a built-in 2.4 GHz transmitter, to a Video Receiver (accessory), which is connected to a TV anywhere in your home, so that you can watch and record all the action.

The floodlights are sensitive to day and night, automatically switching on, when motion is detected during the day, or during the hours of darkness.

In a multi-camera wireless CCTV set-up, the motion sensor sends wireless radio frequency (RF) signals to your X10 Transceiver(and/or your VCR), which passes them to your house wiring system, via the X10 Mains receiver with pre set codes to control other cameras, sound a warning chime, or switch on interior or exterior lights, etc.

An X10 Transceiver (TM13U) is required for multi-camera applications, or if you wish to programme the Floodcam’s PIR to control further X10 modules.

Features and Specifications 

  • This affordable wireless video camera uses X10’s smart camera technology -“Instant-ON”, which does not require any warm-up time when activated, or switching between cameras, thus providing instant live quality video.
  • Easily integrated into your multi-camera system or use as a standalone camera.
  • Durable weather-resistant outdoor casing – Operating Temperature.: 32 to 131F.
  • Field of View: 60 degrees.
  • Resolution: 310 TV Lines.
  • Auto Shutter: 1/60 to 1/15,000 sec. NB.Your TV can only operate at 30 frames per second.
  • Min. Illumination: 3 LUX (f1.9); Motion Sensor Range: 20 feet; Max wattage: 150W per lamp holder; Requires 240V/AC.
  • 10878 Back Box. Dimensions: Length 108mm, Width 108mm, Height 38mm.

The Control Panel Which is hidden underneath the FloodCam unit, enables easy configuration of all the settings, including matching the CCTV Channel to that on your Video Receiver. The 2 dials at the bottom set the camera’s unit code and house code (example A-4).

The Floodlight Control function can be set to detect motion at all times, or only during darkness.

The Time Delay Dial adjusts the length of time the camera operates after the detected motion has stopped.

The Camera Mode Switch sets the camera’s response to motion and the X10 controller.

NB It is recommended that you arrange your CCTV cameras in groups of 4 to provide the best scanning control.

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