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Wireless CCTV…A Popular, Effective and Affordable Way to Achieve Security In Your Home.

Wireless CCTV Due to the current level of crime, people are naturally anxious to keep their family and property safe and secure from intruders and a simple home surveillance system can markedly reduce the risk of burglary, theft and vandalism.

An increasingly popular, effective and affordable way to achieve this in the home is to install a wireless CCTV system. This is the best option where it is difficult or unsuitable to run a video cable back to the VCR or monitor.   Wireless CCTV UK Is easy to set up and use and will also save you money on expensive security surveillance installation costs including unsightly wiring.

Government regulations now permit the use of licence-exempt wireless systems that are able to transmit signals up to 100 metres in line of sight. This reduces to approximately 30 metres through walls and ceilings inside the house.

Wireless CCTV Systems There is an extensive range of products and prices to choose from in this market. Cameras and receivers are now available with 4 selectable channels making multi-camera installations possible. Even small covert cameras can be supplied with an integrated transmitter.

CCTV Cameras Can be activated by PIR detector or movement sensor, indoor/outdoor, colour or black and white, with options for integrated infra-red illumination and audio.

Remember that CCTV cameras require mains power to operate, since battery operation is unsuitable for permanent installations. However you can usually access power for the camera in some areas such as the loft of the house. The voltage required is usually 9-12V DC and typically supplied from a small power supply, which plugs into the mains.

Most wireless CCTV cameras operate on the 2.4 Ghz frequency, but please note, wireless cameras are not compatible within range of wireless PC networks.
Simply choose a suitable site for your wireless CCTV camera and connect the small receiver to your TV, VCR or PC and you will be able to view or record your surveillance pictures.

A Typical Home Wireless CCTV System:-

The Voltek Outdoor Night/Day Vision –
Wireless Camera Plus Receiver – Multi View Kit. Is an ideal outdoor night vision wireless camera system for home security, garden monitoring, car monitoring etc. and provides all the advantages of a conventional wired system with none of the hard work. Features: –

  • 3 Black & White with infra-red Night Vision cameras are supplied in the kit.
  • Integrated microphone for crystal clear sound.
  • The separate wireless transmitters allow the small cameras to be hidden if required.
  • Connect the supplied receiver directly to your TV, video recorder or PC for excellent quality pictures.
  • Very affordable, easy to set up and use (DIY), without expensive installation or unsightly wires.
  • The wireless camera transmits up to 100 metres line of sight or up to 30 metres through walls. (NOT compatible when used near wireless PC networks.)

The Outdoors Wireless Cameras – are fully weatherproof, provide for pan and tilt adjustment with a 78-degree horizontal viewing angle and deliver crystal clear pictures on the 2.4 – 2.469 Ghz frequency to the receiver.

Eight infrared LED’s provide clear night vision pictures up to 4 metres and the built-in microphone allows you to hear everything perfectly. You can watch up to 4 cameras with this system and manually switch between the cameras or set it to automatic camera switching mode for adjustable time delay.

A Wall Bracket – is included for easy fitting. An additional camera can be added to this system.

The Receiver – is connected to your TV and/or video recorder or PC by the supplied SCART or phono plugs for excellent quality pictures. Additional receivers can be added, should you want to monitor or record from more than one TV/video recorder.

Location – The camera is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, however please bear in mind the following points when choosing a mounting position.

1. The camera must be positioned so that it will not point directly into the sun, (including sunrise and sunset) or any bright light, as this may cause damage to the camera.

2. Avoid viewing areas where half of the scene is in bright sunlight and the other half is dark, such as that caused by the shadow of a building.

3. Best results will be achieved if the transmitter is placed away from any metal or electrical items; also ensure that no metal or electrical items are in the line of sight between the transmitter and receiver.

Accessories Available

VOLTEK Colour Outdoor Camera

The Infra Red Illuminator – Extends your night vision range – up to 10 metres- ideal for outdoor or indoor use. Works with all of the B&W night vision cameras.

Additional Receivers – are available should you want to monitor or record from more than one TV, video recorder or PC.

The Indic8tor Home Security Camera System

The New X10 FloodCam Wireless CCTV…Combines X10 Camera And PIR Sensing Lights in A Compact Solution.

The LCD Flat Panel Monitor…Bosch MON170CL 17-inch Colour Monitor Is Ideal For CCTV Security Solutions.

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