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The Diatem Espace Wireless Home Alarm System… A Totally Wire Free And Radio Alarm System.

Wireless Home Alarm Systems are the latest technology and open up new solutions for home security, where wired systems would be complicated to set up or unsuitable.

In recent years, wireless alarm systems have proved to be very popular with professional installers and consumers, as they have become aware of the various applications and advantages this type of system can offer, compared to the wired equivalent.

There is a comprehensive range of wireless home alarm systems now available, suitable for all budgets and geared to large or small dwellings. For example: –

The Diatem Espace Wire Free Alarm System Daitem is a European leading manufacturer of totally wire-free and radio alarm systems for homes and companies, with over 25 years of security experience and over 700 000 systems installed across Europe.

This company launched a new system called Espace, at IFSEC 2005, which it claims to be the largest totally wire free alarm system currently available on the UK market. It incorporates Daitem’s latest technological developments to provide you with exceptional features and performance, with up to 80 alarm points and 8 separate partitions.

Espace is the only wireless alarm system where all of the interconnections between the control panel receiver and all the devices are by radio link, including external sirens and keypads. Other wireless alarm systems only have a radio link between detectors and the receiver or control panel.

Since there is no need for cabling, the system can be installed much faster than equivalent hard-wired alarms and causes minimal disruption for the occupants and no damage to the building.

For example the company claims that a typical four-bedroom house with six detectors, two door contacts and a siren can be installed in less than half a day. The system is compliant with the requirements of EN50131-1 grade 2.

The Espace wire free alarm system requires no connection to mains power, as two separate lithium batteries with an average operational life of five years power the control panel. If one battery fails the other will still power the system until the maintenance contractor calls to replace the spent battery.

The control panel and devices communicate using TwinBand radio transmission, which uses multiple frequencies in two distinct bands – 433Mhz and 868 Mhz.

This protects the system from being jammed, either accidentally or deliberately and in the event of jamming being detected Espace would trigger both local and remote alerts.

Features and Benefits of the Espace Wireless Home Alarm System are as follows:-

  • All detectors and accessories involved in an Espace wireless alarm system are independent and modular.
  • There is a choice of two control panels, depending on the requirements of the installation, which have a built in siren, a radio transceiver, central processor and a twin monitored power pack and keypad.
  • The panels can provide protection against intruders, personal safety and fire or other hazards such as flooding or freezing.
  • An anti-tamper system prevents removal and detects radio interference.
  • This wireless alarm system can be controlled using the control panel keypad, or remote keyfob controls. Separate control keypads are also available that provide system information to the user, either by the simple LED display or a voice synthesiser.
  • Another type of keypad is available that includes a proximity detector to switch on back lighting for poorly lit areas, plus the option of a keypad with a proximity card reader.
  • In addition, by using a plug in/download dialler, users can easily check or control the status of their system remotely.

Espace has a wide range of accessories.

There are four types of motion detectors.

A PIR detector for wide ranging protection and a special motion detector for passageway and curtain protection.

A pet motion detector that can tell the difference between a human body and animals weighing up to 12Kg.

The innovative dual technology detector, claimed to be the first for a totally wire-free system, uses PI technology plus hyper-frequency detection technology, to confirm the passive infrared detection thus preventing false alarms.

The passive infrared detectors all have an optional fixed point heat detection facility that provides an auxiliary fire detection alert, plus a low temperature warning in case of freezing.

Technical detectors can monitor the home 24 hours a day and prevent incidents likely to damage the home or property within it.

The smoke detector is ideal for detecting slow start fires, which give off white smoke containing visible particles and very little combustion gas, which is the cause of most fires in the home.

A choice of remote controls e.g. the 4-Function Programmable Remote Control – is used to control the alarm system from inside or outside of the premises. It can control an automatic gate opening/closing system via a receiver and the keys can be programmed separately for personalised use.

In addition there are external sirens and strobe sirens for intrusion and fire alert and multi contact detectors, which are able to monitor other detection devices.

In the event of an alert, a plug-in dialler transmitter module can be programmed to phone a remote alarm monitoring centre plus two other numbers.

When the above plug-in is used with a ‘listen in/talk back module’ it enables an authorised person to listen in to the premises and talk back via a microphone.

If a telephone line is not available, Daitem can offer a range of GSM diallers. GSM telephone transmitters are reliable, completely independent of the telephone network and are mains or battery-powered, making them suitable for use with monitoring and protection applications.

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