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The Yale Wireless Alarm Home Monitor…Is Their Latest Innovative Wireless Security Alarm.

Yale Wireless Alarms

Yale is one of the best-known and most respected names in the lock industry, with millions of Yale locks in use worldwide.

Yale already has well established brands in wireless security alarms with a range of stand alone alarm kits, which provide for the needs of an individual living alone – up to a large family.

The Yale Wireless Alarm – Kit 5 Home Monitor and Alarm System. The latest innovative Yale Wireless Alarm is considered to be a big step forward in wire-free alarm technology and includes a control panel, siren box, 2 passive infra red detectors, 2 door contacts and both smoke and flood detectors.

One of the advanced features of this wireless house alarm ensures that if fire or water is detected in the home by the passive infrared detectors and door contacts, the smoke and flood detectors will set off the siren.

This web based wireless security alarm enables the home owner to remotely monitor events occurring in the home such as flood or fire, or check on who goes in and out of the home, thus ensuring peace of mind.

The telecommunicating alarm kit has the capability to text, e-mail and phone up to six people in the event of alarm activation. Having 6 contacts on the list ensures that the message is almost certain to be received by at least one person.

The message sent will detail the problem in hand, allowing the homeowner or other contacts to take appropriate action to deal quickly with the situation.

Up to 20 different accessories can be connected to your Yale wireless alarm, allowing you to easily expand the system, including remote key-pad or fob, medical emergency device etc.

Standard specifications

100% Wire-free alarm – the wire-free detectors are simple to install without damaging home decor or the need to lift carpets.

Totally expandable system of up to 20 items from the HSA3000 Yale wireless house alarms range.

Sends one of four recorded messages to six people of your choice in event of an emergency.

Kit contains 110db External Alarm, Control Panel, 2 PIRs & 2 Door Contacts, Dummy Siren Box & Siren Box and both smoke and flood detectors.

Uses 433 mHz technology to ensure reliability.

All fitting instructions & batteries are included in the pack.

Professional Installation of Yale Security Point Products.Yale Security Point provides the option for their technicians to install the wireless house alarm for you. They offer competitive prices and quality workmanship.

Remember that imperfectly fitted burglar alarms can create false alarm problems. Don’t install a DIY wireless security alarm unless you have the electrical knowledge and practical skill to do so.

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