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About Us

Welcome to Home Security Action. My name is Alistair Fyfe. I have spent 18 years involved in security – 3 years in the RAF Police, 10 years as a police officer in a major UK city and 5 years as a security manager with a UK department store chain. Along the way I have become well versed in all aspects of crime prevention, security systems, alarms and cameras.

Let me be your guide and share my experience with you.

My site is dedicated to making you aware of the crime prevention measures you can take, and the products available to protect and secure the people and possessions near and dear to you, including information on the latest technology in home security solutions.

I started Home Security Action in 2004, after finding very few sites on the web with high quality information or independent advice about home security. Most sites belonged to manufacturers or trade bodies – so I decided to create an independent site to give un-biased information and advice. Home Security Action has been one of the leading UK Home Security advice websites ever since.

I aim to give you all information and resources you need to achieve better home security and peace of mind.

Why not start by looking at my Home Security Checklist – to establish how secure your home is at the moment, and to identify areas you can quickly and easily improve?

I hope you enjoy this site, and find it useful. If you have any comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

(This site is owned by Excelsior Information Systems Ltd, a UK based Internet publishing company established in 1991.)