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The BPT Supagate Access Control Security System… Provides Ideal Entry Control For Larger Residential Premises.

Access Control Security/SupaGate Kits

The SupaGate kits are the latest addition to the range of high quality, cost-effective Impro access control systems from BPT Security Systems (UK).

These access control kits provide ideal entry security for large residential premises or small commercial premises.  

Installation, set up and maintenance of all the kits is very easy. Hardware and tags can be added or deleted from the system simply by using the push buttons and display on the receiver.

Access can be granted or denied through any of the relays, allowing the user to specify who is allowed to go where.

The Range

SupaGate Lite Door Entry System is designed for single door proximity access control. It is supplied with a keypad antenna reader and is easy to install.

SupaGate is the mid range product, which has four relays with a single reader connection, allowing a single unit to secure up to four access points, which can be via radio frequency using the hand held transmitter, including garage doors, front doors, vehicle and pedestrian gates.

SupaGate Plus is the most flexible of the standalone range, having four relays in total with two reader connections, allowing it to control both vehicle entrances via radio frequency and building access via conventional access readers all from a single controller.

The Access Control Equipment.

SupaGate 4 Channel RF Receiver for 4 Doors and up to 99 Users.

The SupaGate 4-Channel RF Receiver provides a compact and reliable access control system, with RF technology for ease of installation and operation. It works automatically to enable access control of doors with strike, electric, or magnetic locks, vehicle gates and garage doors.

This access control system typically needs one receiver to control four access points and one transmitter for each person authorised to have access.

Working with the Impro (XQT/903) quad transmitter, it provides for stable, adjustment-free, automatic access control.

Each transmitter can be added or deleted from the system simply by using the push buttons and display within the receiver.

Access can be provided through any or all of the four relays, therefore restricting access through certain doors, gates or barriers if necessary.

Features Include 

  • The RF Receiver is housed in a black, aluminium extruded cabinet.
  • The SupaGate consists of a top cover, a base and two end plates. Also included is a 173mm (6.81”) antenna and four wall plugs (7mm). You will require a weatherproof enclosure if the receiver is installed externally.
  • 4 relays, each with NO, COM and NC contacts.
  • 9 LED indicators, including two 7-segment display LED’s.
  • 4 internally accessible push buttons.
  • Compatible with Impro quad transmitter.
  • Uses a 12V power supply – 12A at 28V DC or 120V AC, 6A at 250V AC
  • Receiver operation – 433.92Mhz.
  • Up to 80m range depending on the conditions on site .
  • CE approved.

UHF Handheld 4 Button 433Mhz Transmitter.

You will also need the UHF hand-held 4button transmitter – one per person authorised for access.


  • Each of the four push buttons transmits a different channel identification code with the transmitter’s ID to the receiver.
  • Small in physical size at just 60mm in length, 45mm in width and 15mm in height.
  • Works on 125Khz frequency.
  • Range up to 10m line of sight when used with a UHF receiver.

Standalone Systems.

SupaGate – 4channel RF receiver – 4 doors, 99 users.

IMPROS2 – Standalone for 1 or 2 doors, 2,000 users.

Elite’s Enterview 3 is an ideal door security solution.

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