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The Locca Sure-Touch Access Control… Enables You to Enter Your Property At The Touch Of A Button.

Access control systems are becoming increasingly popular as home security devices and are especially useful for elderly or disabled people, providing both security and peace of mind.

The Locca Sure-Touch (Locca Tech Ltd.) Was designed in the UK as the next generation in access security products, enabling the user to enter their property at the touch of a button. The Locca Sure Touch is a high quality system, simple to install requiring no training or electrical expertise.  

This access control kit offers users the opportunity to automate their front doors, without the expense of professional installation. The system integrates proven, secure technology, which enables the user to access their property or office by pressing their Locca Remote Key.

Features and Benefits of The Locca Sure-Touch Access Control 

  • The Release mechanism works with electric strikes, magnetic locks and most other access control systems.
  • The locca sure-touch is supplied with a transformer unit which plugs into the mains supply, plus a back up battery.
  • Compact stylish design, durable and reliable.
  • Pre programmed and pre wired – One touch programming is carried out in seconds using the simple ‘one-touch’ master key system.
  • Reliable Security – The Locca system key emits a unique 1 in 4.6 billion encrypted code, which changes with every press, making each system totally original to each Locca Receiver. Supports up to 19 Locca remote keys.
  • The system automatically locks after a pre-set time, preventing your door from being left unlocked.
  • The key fobs have a long range of up to 50 meters free open space.
  • The Locca Receiver is equipped with a backup battery in case of a power cut and is designed to operate for a minimum of 48 hours in standby mode without power.
  • When the battery in the Locca Receiver runs low, the system alerts you with a red warning light on the receiver and a five-second audible signal, which is repeated every 60 minutes.

The Locca Sure-Touch Access Control UK Is Ideal For:- 

  • Domestic users looking for the latest security products, or elderly and disabled people.
  • Access solutions for small and medium businesses, or retail properties requiring access control.
  • Schools and Hotels.
  • Landlords of blocks of flats.
  • Social services for disability projects.

Alternative Electric Door Releases The Locca Receiver can also be used to operate an entry-phone, intercom, keypad, electric or magnetic door release system.(NB You are advised to use an electrician to make this connection.)

A Multi User Locca Access Control System, providing up to 999 remote keys, is also available for use in flats and apartment blocks.

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