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The Alpha-Dot Security Marking System… Is An Innovative Theft Deterrent.

Microdots – There are some new innovative products available for marking property, such as Alpha-Dot Security Marking – 1000s of microdots are suspended in a clear adhesive. Each dot bears a serial number, unique to that batch:-

The Alpha-Dot Security Marking System with Database Tracking produced by Alpha Scientific in partnership with Cambridge Consultants Limited, is an innovative theft deterrent.

The Alpha-Dot marking property system can be used to protect almost anything. It uses hundreds of 1mm diameter microdots, each of which carries the same, unique code.

This code can be a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), a home postcode or a serial number. Many microdots are then applied to valuable items such as cars, heavy machinery or home VCRs etc. with powerful glue.

Because the transparent alpha-dots are incredibly hard to spot, a thief can never be certain that he has removed all of them from a stolen item — making them an effective deterrent to theft. When items are eventually recovered, police can use the information on the dots to identify the real owners almost instantly.

The Alpha Dot security marking system is affordably priced and can be obtained through Neighbourhood Watch schemes and police Crime Prevention Panels for property marking in households.

The microdots are also used to protect all Aston Martin cars, Volvo and Foden lorries, Suzuki outboard engines and Kubota construction machinery, and most new Jaguars.

Bikers can also invisibly ID their motorcycles using the Alpha-Dot security marking system, by means of a simple paint on application.

Features & Benefits:- 

  • Perfect for invisible marking of property such as jewellery, china, antiques and expensive parts in computers and cars.
  • An effective, proven theft deterrent.
  • Claims wide support by the police and insurance companies.
  • Uses microdot technology with unique PIN coding.
  • Supplied in dispenser packs containing over 1000 minute alpha-dots, ready for immediate and easy application.
  • Automatic entry on the National Database System – therefore the owners details are accessible to the police 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Provides protection for cars and motorcycles and can include components.
  • Adheres to virtually any surface in all shapes and sizes.
  • Does not damage or deface and is almost invisible.
  • Virtually impossible for thieves to find all of the microdots, whereas the police only need to find one dot to identify the owner.
  • Free lifetime property registration is provided.

Permanent marking and positive identification can increase the value of assets and reduce insurance premiums.

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