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Audible Intruder Alarms the Cheapest Option

Your cheapest option would be Audible Intruder Alarms, where the burglar alarm sounds at the premises only. An activation just sets off an internal and external siren or bell. This is the cheap option, but subject to strict police response rules, i.e. if there is confirmation of criminal activity – such as a neighbour seeing a burglary happening or hearing glass breaking.

The main features to look for in audible intruder alarms are a tamper detection option, choice of sounder, bells or siren and a personal attack facility. Also take into account the design and security of the external sounder housing. The audible burglar alarm should be fitted with a twenty-minute cutout device. The Control of Noise (Code of Practice on Noise from audible intruder alarms) Order 1981 refers.

Since 1996 new regulations have been brought in to regulate the security industry in the UK, particularly the installation of burglar alarms. Prior to 1996 inexpertly fitted alarms were responsible for a tremendous waste of police time, statistics proved that 96% of all intruder alarm activations attended by the police were false. The police decided that new rules were required and the ACPO Alarms Policy came into force.

Only burglar alarm installers who are approved by a UKAS accredited Inspectorate such as the Security Systems & Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) can install burglar alarms that qualify for police response.

Are audible intruder alarms available as DIY kits?

Yes they are readily available in a range of types and prices. However imperfectly fitted cheap burglar alarms can create problems. Don’t install a DIY system unless you have the electrical knowledge and practical skill to do so.

Cheap Burglar Alarms…Usually Audible Alarms Sounding Only at The Premises.

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