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Finger Print Biometric Access Control…Is Considered To Be The Most Reliable Biometric Technology.

Biometric Access Control

The Biometric Finger Print System is considered to be the most reliable biometric technique available and the products are now more affordable.

Several manufactures are now offering biometric access control systems, which are simple cost effective products, with very little chance of breakdown or malfunction and need little or no after sales service.  

For Example:-

The View Pass Fingerprint Intercom System VPO-111 Developed by UK Biometrics who manufacture a range of advanced security solutions.

This is an easily programmed, multi-security, biometric finger print access control system, designed for home and office security.

This biometric access control incorporates an easy to read LED with voice command function, plus a built-in camera and microphone, thus providing a high-tech intercom system.


  • Videophone + Camera + Fingerprint Reader + Card Reader + Key Pad.
  • Hand Held Programmer, which also works as an emergency door opener and data back-up function.
  • VPO-111F + IDC has 3 Operation Modes – Fingerprint Only, Always Open, Always Closed.
  • User Registration – VPO-111: 1000/4000 users.
  • Separate Controller Type, IDC (Indoor Controller).
  • Audio Visual Indicator: Red LED:- Access denied / Green LED:- Access granted / with Voice Command – False Acceptance Rate = 0.00008% FRR; False Rejection Rate = 0.09%.
  • Adjustable Fingerprint Biometrics Recognition Level: 0-9 =10 levels.
  • Recognition Adjustment S/W (Factory Set).
  • Compatible Cards: All HID RF Cards.
  • Programming Method : IDC (Indoor Controller).
  • Flexible communication options including Wiegand I/O, RS232/422, and TCP/IP (VPO-411 Only).
  • Power 12V DC 1A.
  • Dimensions H 250mm X W 170mm X D 120mm

Extra – Video Phone is available with high-quality images, door entry communication, door release, digital circuitry design, with exposed type 5″ colour TFT screen.

The Advantages offered by biometric finger print access control systems are the higher level of security provided over existing products; new users can be authorized for access instantly, since there is no need to have extra keys cut and the products are easy to fit and fast to use.

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