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BT Redcare Uniquely Guarantees to Deliver, Alarm Activations to the Alarm-Receiving Centre.

BT Redcare UK is the acknowledged leader in remotely monitored alarm technology.

It is the only system to be listed and approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board and has attained “Police Preferred Specification” and also the Home Office backed “Secured by Design” award.

BT Redcare’s guarantee to deliver alarm activations to the alarm-receiving centre is unique.

BT Redcare Home Monitoring is the new dual path domestic alarm monitoring solution, designed specifically to meet the requirements of a grade 2 domestic alarm system.

It has been created for residential sites where the back up of the additional monitoring path is required, but where the maximum security of a grade 4 system (such as Redcare GSM) isn’t essential.

Designed to be compliant with new and existing standards (i.e. EN50131 and DD243), Redcare home monitoring is an ideal improvement on the standard digital communicator.

Until now, homeowners have had to choose between risking an undetected line cut, or paying for a more powerful security system than they really need. Since Redcare is designed specifically for the home, BT is offering a simple, cost-effective solution to customers’ home security needs.

The new response standards threaten to jeopardise police reaction to other monitored systems, however, as Redcare home monitoring is equipped with a dual-path protection, it offers a higher level of security than any other Grade 2 system on the market.

Active Monitoring This type of service connects your alarm system to a remote monitoring centre via a phone line –but it also does a lot more than that. It actively checks that the phone line is always there – and this is the facility offered by Redcare.

With Redcare’s intelligent continuous alarm monitoring service, you’re safe in the knowledge, that your alarm will be delivered to the monitoring centre – and acted on – in seconds.Redcare is the only service to guarantee delivery of your alarm signal to the monitoring centre, therefore it is the only one to provide you with this degree of assurance.

Also because Redcare alarm systems work on an existing BT phone line, you save the cost of installing and renting an additional line.With a small attachment (Modem Compatible Device), Redcare can even work on the same line as a fax machine, a PC, or other digital equipment.

BT also provides a training CD-ROM to help customers understand the new product.

Active Monitoring Using Two Signalling Paths The ACPO Policy 2000 requires that all new remotely monitored systems, must be capable of sending two alarm signals to the monitoring centre.

The purpose of this is to provide added confirmation that an intruder is on the premises, rather than a false alarm.By using two alarm-monitoring paths, radio and a telephone line, if one of the paths is attacked, the other continues to monitor for further alarms and relays them as ‘confirmed activations’.

BT Redcare GSM is the only alarm system of this kind, which is capable of sending a confirmed activation if the radio path or telephone line is damaged or fails, regardless of which one breaks down first. This makes it the most secure alarm monitoring service in the world.

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