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Should You Consider a Burglar Alarm Monitored System?

A burglar alarm monitored system is the most effective means of bringing a response to a home monitored alarm activation. The system passes information to a 24hour alarm receiving centre, who respond to the signal in accordance with agreed police policy and your personal requirements.

Systems have 8 or more channels and send signals to the receiving centre. The signals can include:-

  • Intruder Alarm.
  • Personal Attack Alarm.
  • Alarm Confirmation (when an intruder activates a sensor in more than one room).
  • Cancel the Alarm Signal (when the burglar alarm monitored system has been mistakenly activated).
  • Fire Alarm (from links to smoke or heat sensors).  

Your home monitored alarm will be attached to a sensor device e.g. movement detectors or fixed contact devices for doors or windows etc. which activate the alarm. There are various sizes and types available, all designed to be set off when an intruder enters or moves between rooms inside your home. The latest devices for home security monitoring can be set to ignore pets below a set weight limit, which prevents false alarms.

There are many types of signalling available. These vary according to the burglar alarm monitored system and your requirements. Approved burglar alarm suppliers will be able to advise which home monitored alarm suits you best.

The main types are:- 

  • A dedicated monitored telephone line to the control centre of your burglar alarm supplier. (If you are considering connecting broadband to your phone line consult your burglar alarm supplier first.)
  • Wireless signal transmitted to the alarm company, overcoming the threat of intruder interference with the telephone lines.
  • BT Redcare – constantly monitors existing telephone lines at their control centre, also a GSM line home security monitoring service is now available.

Most response alarms will send a “line fault” signal if anyone attempts to cut your telephone line. Home monitored alarms can either be hard wired, or wire free. Hard wired systems are more reliable and cheaper than wire free and professional installers are expert at concealing the cables.

All types of home monitored alarms have advantages and disadvantages, and prices vary. Why not arrange to have a free security review and quotation, from several reputable burglar alarm suppliers?

Purchasing an effective burglar alarm monitored system should prevent false alarms, which waste police time, and trouble your neighbours, resulting in people ignoring an activation when it could be genuine. Police can withdraw response after a certain number of false call outs.

Most burglar alarm suppliers provide a maintenance contract, which ensures your burglar alarm monitored system is kept in good working order.

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