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Latest Security Camera Monitoring Solutions from Swann Security

Swann Security a leader in security and camera monitoring solutions, has announced the latest additions to its security camera range. 

All new camera monitoring solutions feature 480 TV lines and a 1/3″ Sony SuperHAD CCD sensor to give amazing video quality. The Home Security Camera Systems are extremely robust, with durable metal casing:

PRO-610 Wide Angle Security Camera.

* A Powerful, day & night camera with 4mm wide-angle lens.

* This camera is perfect for those who require a professional quality camera capable of seeing a broader view of their home or business.

* The 35 infra-red LED’s switch on automatically in low light to project infra-red beams, for excellent night vision up to 50ft or 15m.

* A perfect camera monitoring solution for stairwells, parking lots, building exteriors, lobbies, foyers, warehouses or hallways, as it can see perfectly well at night or in darkened conditions.

* Everything you need is included in the pack including extra-long 60ft 18m BNC cable, for connecting to a recording device and power, BNC to RCA connector for connecting to a TV Etc. SRP – £119.99 Inc.

PRO-620 Professional Long Range Security Camera. Night Vision 82ft/25m:

* The PRO-620 is a high powered, day & night camera with a 12mm long-view lens providing excellent image quality for day or night; ideal for those who want a quality camera capable of seeing a longer view of their home or business. SRP – £129.99 Inc.

PRO-630 Vari-Focal Security Camera Night Vision 115 ft/35m:

* This is a heavy duty, high powered, day and night camera with adjustable external zoom and focus control; it produces amazing night vision up to 115ft or 35m generated by 72 infra-red LEDs; made of a robust, weather resistant aluminium.

The new Swann Security camera monitoring solutions are available now from Maplins in store or online.

More information, about Swanns’ camera monitoring solutions.

The Swann USB 2.0 DVR Guardian™ is a compact, portable Home Security Monitoring Solution


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