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CCTV Security Systems… Act as a deterrent against would be thieves.

CCTV Security Systems UK

Due to the current level of crime, people are anxious to keep their family and property safe and secure from intruders.

A simple home CCTV security system can markedly reduce the risk of crime against your home and family. It will not stop theft or burglary, however it will act as a deterrent for any would be thieves, making them move on to easier pickings.  

Protecting your house with a CCTV security system is now affordable, easy to set-up and above all offers piece of mind. For example:-

contains a 14″colour monitor, CAM2 Colour Camera, Electric iris, 4mm lens, plus fixing bracket and 20Metres of cable. Features :-

  • This CCTV camera security system is suitable for up to four cameras, single camera or quad display and has an integral ‘real-time’ quad processor.
  • There is an on- screen set up facility, a full alarm function, 8 character ID generator, two way sound, monitor stand-by and slave monitor output, plus a built-in time & date generator.
  • The monitor has 14″ 90° deflection. 0.63mm pitch, resolution 450 TVL (bandwidth 7MHz), Audio 1-way, and 2-way prepared.

The following accessories are available for this CCTV camera system, including:-

Witness Slave Monitor Colour Connects to the master monitor via 2 phono to phono leads, up to a maximum of 2 per master.

Witness 8MM Lens Offers a closer picture for a specific area of concern.

Witness Hous2 Housing Camera protection housing complete with an adjustable strong bracket.

Witness Time Lapse VCR with Wireless Remote Controller Provides for multiple record-time settings, including flexible timer recording (daily or weekly). The VCR is fitted with a diamond-like carbon coated head drum, (10,000 hour head warranty). Resolution is 350 lines (b/w) and 300 lines (colour). Audio is 2H, 6H, 18H, 24H, at T-120, records alarm and panic activation and has external microphone connections.

Witness VCR2 Cable The connection cable for the VCR. is phono to phono.

The ESP Witness CCTV Colour Quad Kit Contains a 14″Colour Quad Monitor with Integral Quad Switcher, a CAM 2 colour camera, an Electronic iris, 4mm lens, bracket and 20M cable.

This CCTV camera security system is suitable for up to four cameras, single camera or quad display and has an integral ‘real-time’ quad processor.

The features are similar to the Witness CCTV Colour Kit described above, apart from the Integral Quad Switcher and an Electronic Iris, making it the more expensive option.

Home CCTV Systems…Can Reduce the Risk of Burglary.

A Home CCTV Security System…Can Effectively Protect Your Home And Family.

The New X10 FloodCam Wireless CCTV…Combines X10 Camera And PIR Sensing Lights in A Compact Solution.

The LCD Flat Panel Monitor…Bosch MON170CL 17-inch Colour Monitor Is Ideal For CCTV Security Solutions.

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