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The i-Catcher Console, CCTV Surveillance System Offers A Broad Range Of Home Security Video Management Solutions.

The CCTV Surveillance System i-Catcher

The CCTV Surveillance System i-Catcher Console developed in the UK by iCode Systems Ltd, provides efficient video management software for IP and other cameras.

The Console provides a universal video management solution, supplying interfaces to many video camera manufacturers, which enables system installers the freedom to choose the camera most suited for any given application, whilst providing one common management facility. 

This digital surveillance system offers a broad range of video management requirements, from single-camera IP CCTV surveillance products, to multiple camera/server installations for many cameras.

When you install the i-Catcher Console software on the windows PC at home, you will have a flexible multi-featured digital surveillance system.

You can build a complete CCTV home security system very easily using various different sources, including simple USB web cams, traditional composite video cameras (with appropriate capture cards) and the latest network/IP cameras.

All the feeds can then be displayed together on your console PC, as well as being available to other computers on your network, or the internet via the built-in web server system.

The flexibility of the i-Catcher digital CCTV surveillance system, allows you to play back images while recording, either as a continuous sequence, or in a loop, showing you the most recent activity on any given feed. Playback is instantaneous, as the console jumps to the required time and date straight away – no more hunting for tapes and rewinding them to find the right place,

Security is built into the i-Catcher products, by using various techniques to ensure the validity and integrity of the stored image files. Still images are recorded with a signature so that when an image is played back, which is lacking the signature, the console will immediately alert you that the image may have been tampered with.

Automatic removal of old images and scheduling features ensures minimal maintenance on your CCTV surveillance system, while the remote management features, allow you to control most settings without having to be at the PC itself.

Using i-Catcher products, coupled with the web interface system and i-Catcher Console as the controller, it is possible to build a comprehensive CCTV surveillance system of high capabilities and alerting flexibility, with minimal maintenance requirement.

Summary of the Main Features Of i-Catcher CCTV Surveillance System Console. 

  • Allows simultaneous play back of images while recording, either as a continuous sequence, or in a loop.
  • Includes motion detection, alerting via SMS or E-mail, web monitoring, archiving and image upload.
  • This digital CCTV surveillance product includes an optional upgrade to a live PDA view.
  • Provides for automatic control of supported PTZ cameras.
  • Image enhancement is included free of charge.
  • Live and recorded images can be viewed remotely with no ActiveX components, which means that even internet kiosks could be used for viewing your CCTV home security system.
  • Alerts you of events via audio, e-mail and SMS.

Equipment Required In order to use i-Catcher with cameras other than IP or network cameras, you will need to have a video capture device installed in your PC. This is generally either a video capture card/TV card, or a USB web cam.

i-Catcher should work with any Video for Windows compatible device and these are selectable from within the application. The USB devices connect directly to a USB port on your computer, whereas a capture card/TV card provides a composite video connector to attach to your video camera or a security camera.

Network/IP Cameras Network cameras require no capture cards, and the number of cameras you can connect is limited only by your network hub/switch hardware.

The i-Catcher Pocket Monitor works in conjunction with the i-Catcher Console to provide a view of your CCTV feeds while your on the move.

It is a thinner version of the i-Catcher Monitor application, designed for Pocket PCs. With a suitable handheld PC, you can monitor your live i-Catcher Console CCTV feeds while on the move, without having to access them at the nearest desktop PC.

The Pocket Monitor features a site manager, which allows you to browse a collection of i-Catcher CCTV sites, without having to remember the IP address of the system. The feed list allows you to jump straight to the feed of interest, just like using the web interface of your i-Catcher Console.

The current version of i-Catcher Pocket Monitor requires an ARM-based handheld, running Pocket PC 2003 and wireless networking support for portable operation.

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