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Central Locking…One Press Of a Button Can Secure Your Entire House.

Intelligent Central Locking For Homes- One press of a button can secure your entire house.

This new product is taking the convenience and peace of mind of remote central locking out of the car and into the home.

These days most car owners are used to pressing a button on their key fob as they walk away from their vehicle, and hearing the comforting clunk that confirms all the doors are locked.

Now, that same convenience is available for your house – Home Central Locking has arrived. ┬áNo longer do you have to anxiously walk around your house when leaving, to ensure all the doors and windows are locked. When you have central locking for your house, you can secure your entire house with remote central locking. For example:-

Centralock This remote central locking system, uses wireless technology to link all the locks for doors and windows in your home together. Using your key fob, similar to the one used for your car, you send a signal to the nearest door/window, which is equipped with a wireless lock. This then sends a prompt to the next nearest lock, which in turn transmits a signal to the next until all the locks are secured.

As each point is activated, it returns a confirming signal to the lock that contacted it; small LEDs make you aware if any lock has not activated correctly. Each lock has a communication range of up to 25 metres.

This Circuit-based Approach means that the key fob does not have to be within range of every lock in the system, since it functions by short-range and low-power radio technology. The signals to lock and unlock the access points are encrypted (1.3 billion combinations), thus preventing a type of hacking that is used to overcome car alarms.

Centralock manufactures all of the locks; screw-in bolts keep windows secure, and there is an adequate choice of handle lock designs to replace your existing doorknobs.

With safety in mind, a Centralock smoke alarm can be wired into the locking circuit and when activated it sounds the alarm and simultaneously unlocks the front door; this process then automatically triggers the unlocking of every other point in the system.

However this procedure only unlocks the door function from the inside, to prevent any unauthorised access and most importantly, you don’t have to desperately search for the key fob to escape the house in an emergency.

Batteries power the system, however it does feature the ability to warn you in good time, when the charge is running low. Centralock, estimates that the system can be installed in around 90 per cent of homes and offers a nationwide network of installers, to advise you and carry out the work.

Centralock UK – High Security Wire Free Technology

Features and Benefits:-

  • House Central locking is easily fitted to existing doors & windows discreetly, with no need to worry about wiring.
  • Simply lift, lock and link – locks all doors and windows and makes links to the smoke detector by the single lift of the door handle.
  • The absence of external locks reduces the likelihood of traditional burglar attack.
  • When activated by smoke or fire, the smoke detectors unlock all doors and windows to ensure keyless escape without compromising security.
  • Lost or stolen fob-keys can be easily disabled.
  • Battery powered for ease of installation and additional units can be added at anytime. You are warned in good time, when the charge is running low.
  • High security digital communication with fully encrypted transmissions and 1.3 billion combinations for guaranteed security.
  • Access via mobile phone for remote opening.
  • Childproof thumb turn prevents unauthorised exit.
  • You can open the door with your arms full.
  • The Centralock system has a 2-year warranty and is fully maintained & supported. All components conform to British and European standards.

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