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Dummy Cameras…Are an Inexpensive Way To Deter Intruders and Vandals.

Dummy Cameras UK

Dummy security cameras are easy to install and provide an inexpensive way to deter intruders and vandalism.

There are 3 Standard Categories of Dummy CCTV Cameras UK. 

  • Dummy cameras developed to look real. 
  • Genuine camera housings to which you can connect a real camera in the future.
  • Actual security cameras not connected to a CCTV system.

There is a good choice of inexpensive dummy cameras available. For example:-

Is intended for external use, with a flashing LED and battery, plus a camera bracket.

Ideal Dummy Security Cameras emulate the appearance of a real security camera, by including as many of the key features as is necessary. These include a lens, metal housing, plus both video and power cables.

Look for printing on the camera such as DSP Colour Camera or CCD Camera – these labels are used on real cameras, since they describe the imager used in the camera.

Lettering on the lens is a fine but important detail, which can add to a realistic appearance. This realism is more costly, but can effectively deceive a prospective burglar.

A thief will scrutinise all aspects of a camera thoroughly, including if it moves randomly, or by sensing motion. Most real cameras don’t have a blinking LED, but do feature a camera bracket that allows easy adjustments to the camera.

It’s a good idea to add warning stickers on windows and security signs on your property, to attract attention to your cameras.

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