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Electronic Locks… Provide an Easy and Cost Effective Access Solution.

Electronic Locks UK

Electronic door locks are a simple and cost effective access solution, easily combined into your existing security system, to provide convenient control over your doors and improve the security of your home.

A keyless electronic lock and deadbolt, puts an end to all the worries and nuisance of keys, for instance fumbling for keys in the dark or pouring rain; having to hide keys outside for children, friends, housekeepers, or having to replace or fret about lost keys. 

The codes are easy to change. A temporary substitute code can give access to housekeepers, repair services, baby sitters, and other people who might need access when you are out. Just erase the alternate code when there is no longer a requirement.

What To Look For when purchasing your combination Electronic Lock System.

  • Look for robust all metal construction with 100% solid-state electronic circuits.
  • High security deadbolts which are easy to install.
  • Locks and remotes controls with a low battery indicator that will check on your batteries and alert you when its time to replace them.
  • Consider a lock that has the option to use a manual key override for your convenience and safety.

There is a wide choice of Electronic Locks available in a range of prices.For example:-

a brand new electronic lock – designed and engineered in the UK. The Piezo actuator, used for the first time in a stand alone electronic door lock, provides a battery life of over 500,000 operations from 4 x AA batteries.

The lock features reliable, solid state Piezo technology designed and tested to UL1034, BS3621, EN 12209-3 and ANSI A156. It is very durable and weather resistant, with remote push button and emergency alarm release connections.

Installation and programming are effortless and 90 different user codes are provided. A key override function is fitted as standard. When the battery power is low, the Red LED will flash 5 times before the Blue LED flashes, to signal the acceptance of a code.

The electronic door lock comes complete with a mortise deadlock latch and all fixings, templates and instructions, to give convenient flexible access control.

The Interactive CLIQ 4U Locking System…Is A New Concept In Locking For Your Home.

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