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Fire Sprinklers UK… Can Virtually Eliminate Fire Deaths.

Fire Sprinklers UK

Statistics show that fire sprinkler systems, can virtually eliminate fire deaths and greatly reduce injuries and property damage, which is good news, considering that you are three times more likely to die in a fire at home than elsewhere.

E.g. Fire Sprinklers have become compulsory in some parts of the United States dramatically cutting deaths from fires in the home.

Fitting fire sprinklers in your home is an excellent idea, to assist you in reducing the risk of a fire as far as possible.

To be effective, they must be used in conjunction with a fire or smoke alarm, as these devices will give you warning of heat or smoke generated by fires, which are not intense enough to activate the sprinkler system.

Fire sprinklers sound an alarm when activated by means of a flow switch, so that in addition to fighting the fire they also alert you to the danger.

Fire Sprinkler Systems are an extra safeguard for older people and the physically disabled.

How Do Fire Sprinklers UK Work? 

Sprinklers are fitted to the ceilings in rooms which are most at risk or every room if necessary.

On the outbreak of a fire, hot smoke and gases rise to the ceiling and a glass bulb gets hot and breaks at a predetermined temperature, which releases a plug, allowing the water to flow onto a deflector.
This device is designed to break up the water jet into droplets, which penetrate and cool the burning material sufficiently to put out the fire.

Only the sprinkler(s) immediately above the fire are triggered progressively with the spread of the fire, so the whole system does not operate at once.

They are supplied from the main water system or from a storage tank by a network of small modern residential pipes, which if you wish can now be concealed.

Fire sprinklers have been proven to be very reliable; they are only turned on by actual fires and operate automatically, whether you are at home or not.

Another benefit is the low use of water compared to the Fire Brigade, resulting in less damage to your home and contents.

Can I install a Fire Sprinkler System myself? 

No. Only qualified and experienced contractors should install fire sprinklers, as they must be designed and fitted to comply with national standards.
It takes someone professional to select and site the correct sprinkler fire protection for your home.

The design, installation and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems UK is currently covered by: – BS DD251: 2000 for domestic and residential property.

The Fire Sprinkler Association encourages property owners to ask to see proof, that an installer is certified as properly trained and competent.

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