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Quality Garage Door Locks Can Deter the Opportunist Thief.

Garage Door Locks

In addition to housing your car, garages are often used to store expensive tools and garden machinery and when poorly secured, present an opportunity to the opportunist thief. The tools are often used for breaking into the house itself.

Consider having lockable steel boxes or cages fitted to the floor for securing your tools in, or items can be locked down using chains through eyebolts secured to the floor or walls.

Lock ladders inside the garage to prevent a thief using them to reach your inaccessible windows.

If you fail to lock-up or put your equipment away, your insurance company may refuse to settle any claim.

Where the garage has a connecting door to the house, this allows a thief to work on the inner door in privacy. So ensure any connecting doors are secure, (see security doors).

Garage Door Security Locks.

Fit garage doors with a strong padlock, with a hasp and staple on the inside and make sure that the doors and hinges are strong enough to prevent them being kicked in.

Some of the standard up-and-over garage door locks are easily overcome, however there are several extra secure locking devices available, to replace the handle lock usually supplied;e.g

The Defender Lock. Is a heavy-duty metal bar with an independent concealed armoured padlock, raw bolted to a concrete base that prevents the door from being opened.

Autolok Stoppa Garage Door Lock Is a new concept in garage security and provides an internal device, bolted to the concrete floor inside that is locked to the door by key from the outside. This is an easily installed DIY kit, which fits most metal up-and-over doors and roller shutters.

Bulldog Garage Door Lock Is a high security, case hardened, anti-pick and anti-drill lock bolt, that is secured to a ground tube set in concrete in the ground. This device fits most metal, glass fibre, plastic or wooden garage doors.

To increase garage security, add a quality mortise and rim lock to double garage doors.

If you usually enter your garage from inside your home, rather than from the outside, bolts can be fitted to the runners of an up-and-over garage door, that can be locked from the inside.

It’s well worth locking down ladders and tools that could be used to break in to your house;e.g

Compton Ground Anchor A neat security anchor point which is easily installed directly into the garage base, with 16mm anchor bolts and the hardened carbon alloy steel shackle lies flat when not in use.

To increase your chances of recovering stolen property, mark all your garden equipment and tools with you’re postcode.

Ensure that your home insurance policy covers property you store in garages and outbuildings.

Robust Padlock Security…Protects Outbuildings, Like Your Garden Shed Or Garage.

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