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The Home Automation Control -Homeseer PRO-100…Provides A Single User Interface For Your Home.

Homeseer Home Automation Control PRO-100

HomeSeer Pro is a series of professional grade products targeted for use by custom installers.

The PRO-100 was designed to be the most reliable home automation controller available and controls lighting, appliances, security, HVAC and home theatre products from many different suppliers, using only one central interface. 

The hardware is free from any moving parts and an integrated operating system provides a reliable software platform, with fault tolerance built in.

Web Based Management The system can be remotely managed using any web browser, which allows for easy configuration on or off site and allowing you to add or change schedules, or troubleshoot issues easily.

The PRO-100 home automation control has a very small footprint (11”wide x 7” deep x 2” high) and can be installed in a variety of locations. Since the unit is fan-less, it can be sited inside a structured wiring cabinet or a cupboard.

Customisable Software The PRO-100 offers many features not found in other stand-alone automation controllers. The system software is totally customisable, including the user interface.

An API (Application Programming Interface Specification) is available that allows for the creation of custom software “plug-ins”. These plug-ins allow the software to be extended to support custom hardware.

This home automation control also includes a scripting interface that supports the popular scripting languages such as VBScript, JavaScript, and Perl. Scripts are a quick way to add custom functionality, such as complex ‘if-then-else logic’, or for sending binary or ASCII text to a serial port.

The user interface and custom interfaces are built or modified using simple web (HTML) technologies.

Included with the PRO-100 home control system is a dedicated support professional, who is ready to assist you in setting up your system. A support phone number is also provided to ensure that your installation performs to suit your requirements.

Additional support is provided via the rich user community, built up by Homeseer in the course of their business and is available through their free message board system.

This collection of solutions, with over 10,000 registered users and nearly 200,000 messages, is a useful source of ideas for automating even the most difficult of home control systems.

For Example:-

  • Users can control their lighting, HVAC, security, home theatre, and other systems through a single web interface, PDA, telephone, cell phone, or touch screen.
  • The home automation control PRO-100 supports all the popular technologies and systems such as Z-Wave, Lutron, Lightolier, JDS, Global Cache, Web Cameras, and more. An open API is included for the professional installer to add support for any custom or proprietary systems that may be needed for the customer’s solution.
  • Remote Access
    The entire system can be monitored and controlled from the web. Users can check on their homes when they are away at work or on holiday. It also provides an excellent solution for second or holiday homes.
  • Text-To-Speech
    The whole house announcements can be easily understood, because they use real human voices. They can be used for announcing incoming phone calls, motion at the front door, news, weather, etc. Announcements can also be sent to other computers in the home.
  • Voice Recognition With HomeSeer Phone voice recognition control you can control the system using your voice from any computer in the home, or when you are away, from the nearest telephone.
  • Powerful Event Mechanism Trigger event actions based on any of the following conditions:-Status change of any device, Absolute time, Sunrise/sunset (with offset), by e-mail received, security panel events, by matched infrared, recurring at regular second/minute intervals, I/O events from controllers, events from plug-ins.
  • Event Actions In response to event triggers, these actions and more may be performed:-Send Lighting Control Signals, Operate Devices, Play sounds or Speak using text-to-speech, send e-mail, run a script, trigger another event, dial a network connection, Media Player functions, plug-In functions, Web Camera functions, phone functions.
  •  Hardware Support is accomplished through the use of plug-ins, or simple interfaces can be built using scripts, which allows for easy upgrades in the future.

Home Automation Control Specifications

Size: 11” W, 2” H, 7” D
Processor: 1 GHZ
Flash: 1152 MB; Memory: 512 MB DDR
OS: Embedded (Windows XP Optional)
Serial Ports: 2
USB Ports: 2
IEEE 1394 Ports: 2
Video Out: VGA, S video, composite
Video In: S video, composite
Network: 10/100 Ethernet
Audio In/Out
PS/2 Keyboard and mouse ports.

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