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The ConvergeX Home Automation System…Controls All Home Automation From One Device.

Research for my articles on Home Automation has revealed some excellent products from respected companies, which fall into the PC Based category – here is another impressive one.

A PC-Based System – The Home Automation System ConvergeX.

ConvergeX is an international innovator in smart home technology, with its headquarters in London and an R&D centre in Sophia-Antipolis, France, the Silicon Valley of Europe. The company was founded in January 2003. It currently operates throughout Europe, the Middle East and the USA. 

The company’s aim in development of their home automation system has been to ensure the system is simple to install, easy to use, affordable and reliable. It offers complete home control by integrating intelligent home applications, digital home entertainment systems and information services.

This home control system gives home users full control over their home resources – such as security, entertainment, heating, lighting and broadband Internet functions.

The ConvergeX wireless control pad and other digital computer control devices, can manage everything from the temperature to the audio and video in each room in the house. Alternatively, the users own PDA or smart phone can be used to operate the system from inside or away from the home.

In order to keep the price to a minimum, ConvergeX home automation UK operates on a unique integrated technology platform, which is simply based on standard PC hardware.

The system is powered by middleware and software developed by ConvergeX and incorporates products from partners such as Microsoft Windows Media Center, Cisco Systems and Zensys Z-Wave.

How Does It Work 

The ConvergeX home control system is designed to enable the user to control all home automation from one device, either fixed or mobile e.g. Smart phones, PDA’s, notebooks, PCs and TVs are among the product types that can be used as the hub.

The software on the controller is light, comprising an interface, with the main processing power residing on middleware, which is housed in custom-designed PCs. Signals are relayed from the input device to the middleware on the PC and from there to devices throughout the home, such as lights, air conditioning, curtains and thermostats.

The system is TCP/IP compatible, which means it will work over a variety of wired and wireless networks, including Ethernet, Powerline, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

ConvergeX is placing a great deal of emphasis on its use of open standards, with universal plug and play (UPnP). UPnP uses Internet and web protocols to enable devices such as PCs, peripherals, intelligent appliances and wireless devices, to be plugged into a network and automatically recognise each other.

ConvergeX also supports X10 technology for existing homes requiring an upgrade.

Features and Benefits of Home Automation System ConvergeX:- 

  • Home Security This home control system ties it all together, providing you with peace of mind while your home looks after itself and your family, having the ability to sense intruders, opened doors or windows and broken glass. Whether it’s checking that appliances are properly turned off, protecting your home, or keeping an eye on loved ones, this solution can make your home a more secure place.Constant surveillance is available, from baby monitoring to checking callers at the front door; video cameras are powerful tools to watch over your property and loved ones, from one convenient system, while keeping out intruders.
  • Lighting Controls lighting, both artificial and natural allowing you to set the tone, save energy and protect your privacy. ConvergeX also gives you total control over curtains, canopies and shutters.
  • Climate Control Reduce energy consumption when you are not at home and feel comfortable when you are.The system enables you to quickly and easily take command of your air conditioning, heating and the whole environment.
  • Set The Scene Let your home suit your mood, whether to party, watch a movie or sleep – You can create scenes that adjust your lights, curtains, climate control and entertainment system in one simple step.
  • Home Safety Smoke detectors that also control your air conditioning, fire alarms that send you a text message and gas sensors that remind you to turn off the oven, all help to keep you safe.
  • Remote Control The ConvergeX home automation system offers control via an IP connection from devices such as PDA, PC or smart phone, over a range of functions and appliances in the home; the platform typically has control over lighting, security, heating and entertainment devices.
  • Easy to Install, Configure and Use The ConvergeX home control system is able to configure itself once installed – systems that would previously have taken days or weeks to install, can now be installed by the user in minutes. Designed for ease of use by the whole family.
  • Expandability The system is easily extended from managing a few lights and appliances, to a fully specified digital home experience covering entertainment, appliance automation and services.
  • Reliability Built on existing proven technologies with automatic back up and recovery systems.

The ConvergeX home control system is interoperable with products from a range of manufacturers using Z-Wave and is an efficient solution for existing homes that need lighting control, motorised curtains, security sensors, and smart thermostats, without the hassle of additional cabling or costly civil work.

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