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The HAI Home Automation System… Is A Reliable And Versatile Home Controller.

The Omni Security and Home Automation System HAI

Is another versatile standalone system, which also impressed me, because it incorporates a powerful security alarm system and is also worthy of your consideration. Home Automation HAI has been a leader in integrated security and automation products since 1985, providing comfort, convenience, and safety for homeowners and businesses around the world. In addition to its security functions, this is a complete home automation controller that can make your life a lot easier and more convenient. It will control your power line lighting and appliance components, thermostats, hard-wired devices and more. It is also easily expandable should you need to add to your system.  

Three versions of the Home Automation System HAI are:-  

  • The OmniLT is great for a small house or home automation project.
  • The Omni IIe is suitable for mid-range homes and small commercial applications.
  • The OmniPro II is designed for the larger home with more sophisticated needs and commercial applications.

The addition of the Web-Link II software enables access and control of your HAI home automation system over the Internet. You can check and adjust the temperature, lights and security via a PC, PDA, or web-enabled phone. The software also provides video surveillance over the Internet, wireless access and the ability to receive emails and instant messages based on programmed events. The OmniLT Flush Mounted Keypads are attractive and very simple to use, with large buttons and bright back lighting for easy operation.

Features & Benefits:-

  • Home Security
  • The Omni home automation system monitors and alerts you of intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide, freezing conditions, water leaks, etc.
  • The HAI home automation controller may be set up to make outbound phone calls when certain activation events occur.
  • In the event of a fire, the air conditioning is turned off to deter the spread of smoke and fire. You can also set the system to turn on all of the house lights to assist your family’s safe exit.
  • View security camera feeds using the Web-Link II software.
  • 8 Zones, expandable to 24 with full selection of security zone types – zone 8 supports 2 and 4 wire smoke detectors.
  • LCD Consoles – surface, 4 maximum, flush and universal models available with independent operation.
  • Five modes: off, day, night, away, vacation.
  • 8 user codes with selectable authority levels – can be made valid during certain times and days only, for cleaners, service, etc.
  • All house lights are switched on when alarm is activated to frighten off the intruder.
  • Outdoor lights flashing when alarm operates to alert neighbours and the police.
  • Entry and Exit delays are user programmable e.g. entry delay can be doubled or quadrupled on a zone, to accommodate the garage and back doors.
  • A supervised siren output can detect a shorted or cut wire to the siren.
  • The system announces type and location of alarm with optional 2-Way Voice Module.
  • Auto bypass feature ensures that the alarm won’t be activated unexpectedly, e.g. should a door or window be left open when the system is armed.
  • Problem technical conditions are indicated in English on the display for – zone and system trouble, AC Power off, battery low, phone line dead.
  • All Fire and Burglary zones are fully supervised.
  • Full Event Log with Time & Date.

Home Automation

  • Controls up to 26 different lights, appliances or groups.
  • Intelligent management of your air conditioning and heating system will save you money on your energy bill.Temperature control for 2 HAI Omni-stat thermostats and a dedicated thermostat interface, including control for other items or existing thermostats, using up to 8 Temperature Sensors or PESMs.
  • Time, Sunrise, Sunset and outdoor temperature display.
  • Status display (On, off, level, mode, heat, cool, fan, temperature, etc.)
  • 2-Way X-10 allows OmniLT to receive signals, which activate programs and also features collision detection and retry for reliability.
  • Lights can be set to scenes of varying brightness, with Direct Dim and Scene Support, for advanced home theatre lighting control. Also controls outputs – temperatures and security modes can be scheduled by time, sunrise, sunset, and date or day of week and by various system events.
  • Scheduling commands and Event buttons can be made to execute only if the condition is true, by sunrise/sunset, time clocks, zones open or closed, mode, flags and more.
  • Expansion port for future CEBus, Echelon or other interface.

Telephone Control

Works with touch tone phones at home or away from the premises,(with access code) and is compatible with answering machines and services.

From any phone, you can – change modes and temperatures, arm/disarm security, hear complete status of system, listen-in / talk to premises with optional two way voice module and more. A lockout feature discourages tampering with the system by phone.

Reliability and Ease of Use

This home automation system is designed for continuous trouble-free operation by reading the resistance of each zone independently to detect trouble, due to faulty sensors or wiring, before it causes false alarms and a pulse count feature precludes false alarms due to static, transients and lightning. There is a programmable delay to prevent false alarms due to user error.

Features a console display, which is easy to program and displays menus to guide users, requiring minimum keystrokes for common functions.

Computer Interface

Built in Omni-Link serial interface, with jumper selectable RS-232 or RS-485. Can be used for programming, connection to HAI Web-LinkII, PC’s and other connectivity options. A built-in modem enables local or remote (with security code) access to the system using a personal computer.

All of Omni’s functions can be programmed using the HAI PC Access software. The system is now compatible with Windows Media Center control

HAI offers a complete range of home automation products and accessories, including wireless security products, which can be used with any HAI Omni-home automation controller.

The HAI Home Automation System is CE certified.

The Touchscreen Remote Control – HAI Omnitouch…Offers Efficient And Convenient Home Control.

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