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A Home CCTV Security System…Can Effectively Protect Your Home And Family.

Home CCTV Security System

If you worry about the welfare and safety of your family, home and property, why not let your PC watch over them using the latest home CCTV UK monitoring technology.

With A Home Security CCTV System you can easily:-

  • View up to four cameras on screen simultaneously.
  • Check on your car and outbuildings.
  • View your home live using the Internet.
  • Receive security alerts direct to your mobile phone.
  • Record video evidence of incidents as they happen.
  • Find and replay recorded video quickly and easily.
  • Date and time stamp your recorded video.
  • Monitor your children at play.
  • Automate your home with wireless modules, making your PC the centre of your smarthome.

For Example:-

The InControl Quadcam Home CCTV Security System from Digital Cybermasters Ltd, enables you to use innovative technology to provide an effective home CCTV system that will protect your home and family at any time – day or night.

You can install up to four full colour high-resolution CCTV cameras around your home. Since they are weatherproof, Quadcam cameras can be installed both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to monitor not only the inside of your home but also your garden, driveway and outbuildings.

This camera incorporates a high resolution CMOS image sensor that delivers a bright and detailed full colour video image; an ultra-sensitive PIR alarm sensor that detects movement within 10 metres of the camera (even when it’s pitch dark); plus a covert microphone that will let you ‘listen in’ to even the slightest whisper.If the PIR doesn’t sense the intruder, the sophisticated video motion detection technology certainly will!

The InControl hub is the heart of the CCTV system, with built in camera switching and audio technology that allows you to view all four cameras onscreen at once. A selected camera can be viewed in full screen at any time for closer examination.The integrated software – transforms your Windows PC into a fully-fledged home CCTV security system including home automation.

If an intruder invades your home or property, this home CCTV system automatically records a video of the incident, thus providing you with the evidence needed for the police to identify and arrest the culprit.

The system also acts as a valuable deterrent, as any automated device linked to the system can be activated when the alarm is set off, thus making a would-be intruder believe that someone is at home.

Remote Surveillance See your home LIVE and in REALTIME across the Internet.InControl Quadcam will let you keep an eye on your home irrespective of distance, oceans and international boundaries. Using the latest streaming video and audio technology, you’ll be able to see and hear your home as if you were there in person!

You can easily view your cameras, listen to microphones, control connected automated devices, monitor recorded alarms, or download recorded video. A Mobile Receiver for pocket PC handheld computers is also available.

Digital Recording

One of the most effective features of the InControl Quadcam is its refined digital recording, which enables your PC to capture and replay up to four channels of high quality digital video, direct from your cameras to your PC’s hard disk.

This home CCTV system also offers a choice of digital recording modes, which you can select to suit the location and type of activity covered by your cameras, i.e.

  • Continuous Recording – simply records every frame the system captures from a specified camera and stores them onto your PC’s hard disk. Any combination of cameras can be set to record continuously, from a single camera to all of them if you wish.
  • Event Recording – Event recording reduces the amount of waste video footage by recording only when activated by an incident, which is triggered by either video motion detection or PIR activity.
  • Manual Recording – If an incident occurs while you are viewing your cameras, you can manually trigger both continuous and full rate ‘panic’ recording. When panic recording is selected, the system stops cycling through all the connected cameras and concentrates on the chosen camera.

Once a potential intruder is detected, the CCTV system can react in a number of different ways including:-

Alarm Reaction By triggering an X10 PowerHorn siren (sold separately), which produces an ear-splitting 110db siren to frighten off the intruder.

Alarm Notification If an burglar targets your property whilst you’re away from home, InControl Quadcam can notify you almost instantly by sending an SMS text message direct to your mobile phone, or by sending a digital snapshot’ image of the incident to your Internet e-mail account.

Home Automation With InControl Quadcam from DCM, you too, can protect, control and automate your home more cost effectively than you might think!

Using the supplied ‘Quick start’ guide, you can have your home CCTV system up and running in no time and it’s intuitive ‘plug and play’ design means that you don’t need to be an expert to install it.

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