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Home Contents Insurance UK… Provides Comprehensive Protection For All Your Family Possessions.

Home Contents Insurance

UK Policies are very comprehensive in the range of protection they offer and provide cover for all your household goods, apart from fixtures and fittings, to include: –

Furniture and furnishings, kitchen equipment, general household goods and chattels, electrical equipment, and personal effects like clothing and jewellery, for a series of specified risks theft, fire, or floods. 

Frozen food is usually covered if the freezer contents are lost due to failure of the equipment or power loss.

With Home Contents Insurance UK you insure your possessions up to specific value, which is then the largest amount of money you can claim, should an article or articles be stolen or damaged.

A Standard Home Contents Insurance UK Policy will not cover your possessions away from the home, however you can buy extra protection for personal items such as jewellery, cameras, lap tops, sports equipment and the like, while outside the home and world-wide for up to 60 days a year.

Most home contents insurance UK policies, put a single-item limit of around £1,000 for specified valuable items, such as electrical items, jewellery antiques and works of art and an overall limit of £10,000 for all your valuables.

It is Most Important that you insure your contents for their total true value, otherwise under insurance leads to claims not being met in full by insurers.

Home Contents Inventory In order to calculate the total value of your contents, create an inventory by touring your house and listing everything, including its value in every room. You should obtain a professional evaluation of art, antiques or jewellery.It is a good idea to keep your inventory in a secure fireproof safe or cabinet, so that it is available as evidence in the event of a claim.For more information on inventories click on the link below.

Insurance Premiums are based on several considerations including, the type of house you live in, the value of the contents, your claims history and your postcode, as people living in certain areas or in cities are liable to be charged more, due to a higher risk of burglary.

Whilst the standard cover provides protection against the main causes of damage, you can also select the accidental damage option, to cover your goods against damage caused accidentally, e.g. putting your foot through a ceiling, or dropping a valuable ornament.

New-For-Old You can choose between new-for-old and indemnity cover. The more expensive new-for-old cover means, that if your belongings are stolen or damaged beyond repair, the insurer will pay for the cost of replacement as new. With most new-for-old policies clothing and linen are covered only on an indemnity basis.

Check that your home insurance UK policy covers your legal liability as the owner of the home, usually up to a maximum of £1 million. This covers you in the event that you are sued, e.g. should somone suffer injury while in your home.This type of cover can give you peace of mind, knowing that if a problem does arise, you will have the funds required to pursue or defend personal legal actions.

No Claim Discount As a careful home owner, you can earn a no claim discount with some insurers, which applies to the contents section of your policy e.g. 1 Year – 10% 2 Years – 15% 3+ Years – 20%.

Most insurers now offer generous discounts to people who fit security door and window locks, an approved monitored alarm system, or belong to a neighbourhood watch scheme.

Home Contents Insurance UK premiums do vary dramatically from one company to another and it is possible to make considerable savings, by obtaining quotes from several reliable companies, or using a broker. However make sure you compare” like with like” when making a decision, the cheapest is not always best.

The articles on this site are for information purposes only. None of the content of Home Security Action should be construed as advice under the Financial Services Act 1986. A Home Inventory…Will help you choose the correct level of household insurance.

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