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Home Security Assessment and Checklist

Use this checklist to identify areas where action could be taken to improve the security of your home.


Exterior Security

Shrubs and bushes are pruned so that there is no place for an intruder to hide.
Floodlights or a motion-sensitive lighting system are used appropriately to ensure effective lighting of any dark areas around the house and grounds.
Outdoor lights are on in the evening, whether we are at home or away.
Ladders are all secured, trellises and drainpipes giving access to the upper floors of the house have been protected.
Gates, garage and shed doors are locked after every use.
Grills, lawn mowers, and other garden resources are stored in a locked garage or shed, or if left out in the open, they are locked to an immobile fixture.
Bicycles are always locked, even if we only leave them for a minute, with a U-bar lock or a strong padlock and chain.
Our house number or name is clearly displayed, so that police or other emergency services can find the house without delay.


External Doors

Outside Doors are strong, of solid hardwood or metal, and any glass panels in or around doors have been reinforced, so that they cannot be easily broken. Wide-angle viewers have been fitted for checking on callers.
They are fitted with a quality mortise dead bolt lock into the frame of the door.
They are also locked at night and when we leave the house, even if only for a few minutes.
Extra keys are retained with a trusted neighbour and never hidden under a doormat or anywhere outside the house.


Window Security

Every window in the house has an efficient key lock or is securely pinned.
Windows are always locked including when they are opened slightly for ventilation.
I have considered using window bars or grills. (recommended in high-risk areas or for extra valuable contents)


Garage Protection

All garage doors are locked when leaving the house.
The door connecting the garage to the house is solid wood or metal and secured with a strong lock and dead bolt.
The garage door is fitted with a strong security lock, preferably fixed into the floor.


Sliding Door Security

The sliding glass door has strong suitable key locks. A fastener has been fitted to prevent the door from being impelled or lifted off it’s track.
The sliding door is locked every night and whenever we are away from home.


General Security

The car door is always locked and the key removed even when it is locked in the garage.
We have a security safe for the protection of all our valuables and deposit them with our bank while away on holiday.
Firearms are kept unloaded and locked in a storage cupboard and fitted with trigger guard locks.
We keep an up to date inventory of all our valuable property and a duplicate copy is kept in a secure place outside the home.
Valuable items, such as television, stereos, and computers have been security marked with an identifying number in a manner approved by the local police.
We have emergency telephone numbers listed by our telephone.
The whole family knows what to do, if they discover a burglar breaking in, or already inside our home.


Security while on Holiday

When we are away on holidays, we inform a trusted neighbour or relative and ask them to collect any deliveries, cut the grass and generally make our house look occupied.
Light timers have been programmed to turn the lights on and off in a rational cycle, when we are away for a prolonged period.
The alarm system (if fitted) is always activated when we leave home.
Mail and newspaper deliveries have been stopped or arrangements made for a neighbour or friend to pick them up.

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