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Home Security Devices…are Effective Against Distraction Burglary.

Home Security Devices

Tell me about home security products, which will be effective against distraction burglary and other types of house breaking.

Here is a selection of basic home security devices: –

Door Chain Permits you to check the identity of callers, without opening the door fully. Use the door security chain only when answering the door, don’t leave it on all the time, so that emergency services can gain access if necessary. For extra strength some door chains incorporate a security bolt.  

Door Guard/Bar Is recommended as a better option than the normal door chain. This is a very effective home security device, to secure doors and ensure a caller’s identity can be checked before opening the door.

Door Viewer 200 Degree Fitted to a door, providing the occupant with a wide-angle view of the outside.The new door scope provides a super wide-angled magnified view of the visitor at the door, which is ideal for the visually disabled.

Door Mirror Is used along side the door bar or chain and helps to identify visitors, especially if the door is in a tricky position.

The Minder Proximity Voice Memo Alarm. Is located by the entrance to the home. A friend or family member pre-records a message of up to 20 seconds, advising the householder to follow the “Lock, Stop, Chain, Check” procedure before opening the door to a stranger. The minder is activated by a special managed proximity beam, which eliminates false activations and is not affected by household pets.

Two Way Intercom Allows householders to speak to visitors without opening the door. Some types incorporate a small video camera to allow a view of the caller. The Minder View-Com is a special low cost door security entry system, with a built in wide angle door viewer and a two way intercom, specifically designed to help reduce the increase in distraction burglary.

The New Window Alarm is a low cost and effective way to provide door security, alarming both doors and windows. In addition, by using the chime mode, it alerts the home occupier of unwelcome entry through front, back, or patio doors. This is an ideal home security device against distraction burglary.

The Door Wedge Alarm Simply by positioning this home security product at the base of the door, will prevent a forced entry. If a forced entry attempt is made, a 120db siren will sound.

Burglar Alarms provide an excellent deterrent to burglars. Most thieves will avoid breaking into a property with an alarm.

CCTV System householders can observe visitors on a TV or monitor, without opening the door.

Equipment Timers are used to randomly operate table lamps, radios and TVs, to create the impression that someone is at home.

Security Lights deter burglars-they don’t like to be seen. The most favourable type of lighting is high-efficiency low-energy lighting, activated by a dusk-to-dawn switch, which operates only when it’s dark. This provides a constant level of light, which is cheap to run.

Age Concern Aid-Call Service can provide ongoing peace of mind and help you feel secure when living alone.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you can call for help instantly when required. Simply use the Aid-Call Button provided and you can talk to a professionally trained operator within seconds. They will arrange the relevant help, either send round your own previously appointed relative, friend or neighbour, or if needs be, call out the emergency services.

To find out more about Aid-Call, phone: 0800 772266 – enquiry lines are open 9am -5:30pm, Monday to Friday

The Home Access Control System, Chain Reaction Is Unique .

Elite’s Enterview 3 is an ideal door security solution.

The Locca Sure-Touch Access Control…Enables You to Enter Your Property at the Touch of a Button.

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