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Home Security Locks – Protect Your Home From Lock Bumping Burglary

The bump key is the latest threat to some home security locks such as conventional cylinder locks; a new lock-picking technique called “bumping,” is quickly gaining popularity with criminals using simple tools and resources available on the Internet. 

Using a bump key it will take only 1 minute or less for an intruder to turn the lock and overcome the home security doors to your house or business. 

There are 22 million homes in the UK, which on average have three locks; of those, 65% are Yale type rim locks, which are at risk from ‘lock bumping’;  just nine easily obtained bump keys will open almost any cylinder lock in the UK and they are available legally as locksmiths use them.

In the cylinder type of lock, an outer casing has a cylindrical hole in which the plug is housed. To open the lock, the plug must rotate. The bump key pushes the pins up for a split second so that the plug can turn. Doors fitted with mortise locks, are not at risk.

Facts: Your door lock could even be bumped by a 10 year old child.

Anyone can make a bumping key in 5 minutes or less.

When a bumping key is used to break into your house, police are unable to help as no signs are left of forced entry or damage to the lock. This also makes the insurance companies very wary of paying for the claim; you could lose everything and not be compensated!

If only cylinder locks secure your PVC doors, garage and other doors, then you need to take action; however, doors fitted with mortise locks, are not at risk.

A new affordable product to prevent this crime is now available, called Pickbuster ™ – a shock absorber for cylinder locks; the solution is squirted into your locks and secures them against lock bumping.

Pickbuster’s 5 Lock DIY Home Kit is ideal for home use, to protect all your locks: front and back doors, patio door, conservatory door, garage door and caravan door; the handy size bottle has been specially designed for ease of use.

Available online or at retailers priced at £19.99. Pickbuster Will Protect Your Home From Lock Bumping

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