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Home Security Signs… Protect Your Home by Providing a Visible Deterrent to Burglars.

Home Security Signs and Stickers

Burglars prefer an easy target and will choose a home that looks vulnerable rather than one that appears to have a security system, so it is important that you protect your home by providing a visible deterrent.

Home Security signs and stickers do just that and are a great way to make burglars look elsewhere for an easier opportunity.They can also help to give you and your family peace of mind, especially the elderly and disabled who feel most vulnerable.

Investing in a home security alarm system can be expensive, especially if you opt for a monitored system, which entails continuous annual charges. There can be no doubt, that a security alarm system when used correctly, is very effective and provides a higher level of security for your home.

However, for those who prefer not to spend money on such a system, or just can’t afford it, then security signs and stickers can be a much cheaper solution.

Home security signs can also be a good idea, for many people, who live in rented houses or flats in high-risk areas, where landlords are not keen to provide an expensive alarm system in their properties.

Home security stickers should be used on all ground floor doors and windows. You should also consider placing a sign near each exterior access door.

The Home Security Signs- UK companies supply signs which advertise that an alarm system is installed and some offer a fictitious security company name. Burglars are not aware of all the existing security companies.

Signs usually measure around 9 x 9 inches and are available with or without aluminium stakes. They are screen-printed on white polyethylene and are hole-punched top and bottom for easy fixing.

The Home Security Stickers- UK Home security stickers are screen-printed on high performance vinyl, with adhesive backing to withstand outdoor use for about 3 to 5 years. They are designed for application to any smooth surface such as metal or wooden doors and windows.
E.g. : –

1) “Circuit” stickers depicting coiled wire really do make the windows of your home look alarmed.

2) A CCTV Warning Sign – A self adhesive sticker depicting a video surveillance camera.

  • Put this up in your front window to deter prowling burglars.
  • Simple but effective – this A5 self-adhesive sign will make criminals think twice before trying to break into your house.
  • Simply peel off the protective sheet and apply it to the inside of your window.

Fire Extinguisher ID Signs and Fire Exit Signs- A range of signs for use with your fire-safety equipment are available at reasonable prices.
E.g. : –
Extinguisher ID Sign WaterRigid Plastic – Water Fire Extinguisher ID Sign 150mm x 100mm

Extinguisher ID Sign CO2Rigid Plastic – Co2 Fire Extinguisher ID Sign 150mm x 100mm

Extinguisher ID Sign FoamRigid Plastic – Foam Fire Extinguisher ID Sign 150mm x 100mm

Fire Exit Sign (Final)Self Adhesive Vinyl – Fire Exit (Final) 300mm x 150mm

Home Security Signs and Stickers-Inform Prowling Burglars that Your Home is Protected.

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