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Home Security System… Do I Really Need One?

Do I Really Need a Home Security System? 

Please refer to my article – “Security Review” and carry out the “Home Security Assessment & Checklist”, before you even consider purchasing any kind of home security system. This will help you find out the precise level of protection which is necessary, thus preventing needless expense on equipment you don’t need.

First of all ensure that the general security of your home is taken care of and consider the situation of your house and the crime statistics in your local area.

A home security system can either be essential, or provide an additional safeguard and peace of mind, knowing that you have done your best to make sure that your home and family are protected.

The Facts 

  • Government statistics show that 60% of attempted burglaries on homes fitted with a home security alarm system are unsuccessful, which proves that they act as an effective deterrent. Burglars usually avoid breaking into a house fitted with an intruder alarm and look for easier pickings elsewhere.
  • Protecting your home with a security system provides a much safer environment for your family.
  • Insurance companies offer premium discounts for houses fitted with an intruder alarm and fire protection, because they produce a marked reduction in claims. The premium savings will help you to finance your security system.
  • Many people only install a home security system after they have suffered trauma and loss through burglary.

Now ask yourself these simple questions:-

Do you only wish to protect your house and family while you are away from home, or whilst you are in residence, or both?

If your only concern is to secure your home while you are away, a basic home security alarm system that includes contact sensors on doors and windows, one or two infrared sensors to cover the interior, plus a control panel and an alarm sounder would suffice.

A more comprehensive approach is required to secure your home while in residence, so that you are pre warned of other dangers, such as the presence of an intruder in the house or grounds, fire, smoke, gas escape, or flooding etc.

Security Basics

Having completed your “security assessment and checklist” and before you start looking for a home security system, it is important to understand what these systems are designed to do:-

  • Prevention Your system should prevent problems for example, the visual deterrent of the alarm box on your house, or by frightening off potential burglars or vandals who activate external lights at night.
  • Detection Capable of activating the appropriate response when a particular type of sensor is triggered.
  • Emergency Response Instigate the call for relevant assistance to deal with the situation.

These key objectives are executed by:-

  • Inputs When your system becomes aware of a threat via the connected sensors, it alerts the sub-system that something needs attention.
  • Processing The system, which is constantly monitoring the real time inputs from all the connected sensors, then processes any inputs to establish what needs to be done.
  • Output Upon arriving at a conclusion the sub-system runs through its pre-programmed checklist of appropriate responses and activates the relevant action, such as sirens, flashing lights, or silent communication with emergency services.

Your Home Security System UK should include the following primary components:-

  • A control panel
  • A key pad or a key
  • Essential sensors such as door and window contact sensors, glass breakage detectors, internal motion sensors and a smoke/heat alarm
  • An alarm sounder and/or a flashing strobe light

Additional security devices might include security cameras, external lighting, access control device, extra movement sensors, panic button, and fire alarm etc.

A master control panel can manage a wide-ranging security system and you can program it to respond to almost any type of input device or sensor.e.g:-

Home security cameras (CCTV), are increasingly popular with home owners as an efficient addition to a security system. The cameras can be hard wired or wireless and are now relatively cheap to buy and quite easy to install.

There are a wide variety of home security camera systems on offer; black and white or colour, for exterior or interior use, optional night vision and some have an audio capability built in.


Whether to install an audible only, or a monitored system is another key choice. The monitored option is more expensive, however, it does offer the benefit of a professional security response and provides more peace of mind for a modest monthly cost.

If you do decide to install a home security system, the choice of security equipment, the installer and monitoring company, are among the very important decisions you will have to make.

Its a good idea to have a free home security review and quotation, from several reputable professional burglar alarm companies. Your local police crime prevention officer will also be delighted to advise you.

Perhaps installing a Home Security System could be your first step towards fully automating your home?

My aim is to give you the resources you need to achieve home security and peace of mind, so why not check out other articles here, for further detailed information on your security options, for example:- Home Security System Review 

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