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Home Selling Tips-Security… Burglars Do Pose as Potential Buyers.

Home Selling Tips-Security

In recent years estate agents have seen an increase in assaults on them and are now aware of the need to protect themselves from criminals posing as homebuyers. They now try to adhere to a set of safety guidelines.

Their personal safety rules include, only showing homes in teams, making colleagues aware of their schedule, calling the office regularly and even making photocopies of prospective buyer’s driver-licenses.With this knowledge in mind, you too need to protect yourself, when selling your home on your own.

Selling-Home-Security Here are some tips to keep yourself and your possessions safe, when selling your home on your own:-

  • Examine your situation and decide which safety practices are best for you.
  • Before agreeing to an appointment to view your home, question callers carefully e.g. name, present address and telephone number. Where employed? Why they wish to buy there? Do they have a family in the area? Any children? Ask questions until you feel confident with the prospective buyer.
  • Prior to the showing, confirm the details provided e.g. make a return call to the given phone number, or send an e-mail.
  • Do not let unannounced visitors into your home until you have verified information they have given. If you are alone in the house, ask them to come back later when others are at home, or request that they make a future appointment with you.
  • Always have at least two people present when showing your property.
  • Allow buyers to enter a room first, while you stay near the door so that you can escape if necessary.
  • If you have to show your home when alone, keep a mobile phone with you so that if you are in danger of an attack, you can easily call 911 for help. If you need to escape from someone, run from the house to your car or a neighbour’s house. Remember, your life is more important than property.
  • Warn your children, even if they are more mature, not to let anyone into the house unless you are present, as they could be putting themselves at risk.
  • Virtual tours and photographs of rooms in your home may put you at risk, do not display valuable objects in any room, which may attract criminals to target your home.
  • Prepare for the viewing by securing handbags, wallets, credit cards, passports and any other small items of value, which could easily be stolen while your attention is distracted. Avoid wearing expensive jewellery or watches.
  • Inform neighbours that you are selling your home and ask them to let you know if they have seen anyone around the house when you are out.

Burglars do pose as potential buyers and take advantage of a viewing, to size up properties for targeting later.

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