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Home Wireless Network – Z-Wave… Takes Automated Home Control To Entirely New Levels.

What Is Z-Wave? 

Home Wireless Network Z-Wave – is a standard of radio frequency communication between home automation devices. When two or more Z-Wave compatible devices are in range of each other, they set up a ‘mesh network’ meaning that they can communicate with each other. If any two devices are out of range of each other, the signal will be re routed via other devices in the network. The sending device will also request confirmation of delivery from the receiving one and resend it if not confirmed by return.  

Developed by Zensys, Z-Wave is a low-cost, two-way, home wireless network communications technology, that enables users to monitor and manage their home control systems easily, conveniently and securely, from anywhere in the world.Z-Wave is fully developed, easy-to-use and install and is now available in more than 40 wireless home automation products with more to follow in the future.

Z-Wave(tm) home wireless network hardware is designed for residential and light commercial control and status reading applications, such as, lighting and appliance control, HVAC, access control, meter reading, intruder and fire detection, etc. Z-Wave transforms any stand-alone device into an intelligent networked device that can be controlled and monitored wirelessly.

Complete Home Signal Cover Most home control systems require real wire connections to secure complete building cover, because of the limited range and reliability of most wireless systems. However, Z-Wave’s dynamic routing principle, integrated into the technology, secures an almost unlimited signal range, as each Z-Wave device replicates the signal from one device to the next, which ensures the RF-signals are routed around ‘radio dead spots’ and signal reflections, thus ensuring a powerful transmission that covers the entire home.

Z-Wave – The Standard for Wireless Home Controls.You can now take automated home control to entirely new levels, with Z-Wave the two-way digital wireless control system.

Features and Benefits : –

  • It works by sending signals node to node and substitutes innovative software solutions for costly hardware.
  • You can enjoy whole-house, touch-of-a-button wireless control of any appliance or lamp (including dimming), from anywhere in the home, including on-screen command confirmation.
  • By focusing on narrow bandwidth applications, high quality networking is delivered at a fraction of the cost of professionally installed systems.
  • The Z-Wave home wireless network is secure, which means that neighbours or hackers cannot interfere with or control your devices, as commands from unauthorised devices are ignored.
  • Innovative home wireless network hardware, which is simple to understand, easy to program, quick to install and does not require a complicated central controller.
  • The remote control only requires 2 AA batteries.
  • The remote control features an LCD display and user-friendly menu-based control of up to 64 plug-in modules and has a 100ft range between the remote control and the nearest plug-in module.
  • The plug-in modules are easily networked without expensive and unsightly wiring. They plug directly into wall power outlets and automatically repeat the functions of the remote providing full home coverage. The modules are for use with incandescent lamps, halogen lamps and low-voltage, non-motor appliances (300W max, at 120V/60Hz).
  • Z-Wave is available in a growing number of products including ‘Single Chip’ solutions, which enable advanced power saving modes for battery-operated devices such as thermostats and sensors.
  • Totally expandable control of up to 64 devices, or to set-up 32 mood settings.

Z-Wave is the first system available for DIY enthusiasts that will support the arrival of the new Residential Gateway Technologies: –

Residential Gateway Technologies – As home wireless networks continue to grow in popularity and capability and with the emergence of broadband networking, some product suppliers have identified an opportunity to make home networks easier to build and use.

Broadband is bringing a new range of web-based applications into the home, including real-time high-quality audio and video streaming and enhanced online gaming, so it is believed that a central device like a residential gateway, would provide ideal support for this new generation of technologies.

Product suppliers think that home gateways will encourage growth of home automation systems, so that in addition to the Internet connection, a residential gateway will interact with the home telephone, media centre, kitchen appliances, and other network-enabled devices of the future.

Security News Item (Sep 2, 2005) Zensys, the inventors of the Z-Wave wireless mesh networking technology for home control, today announced that Home Wireless Network Z-Wave has been selected by Electronic House Magazine, as one of it’s 2005 Products of the Year.

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