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The MicroLink dLAN Highspeed HomePlug… The Easiest Broadband And Network Extension.

What is HomePlug and What are The Advantages?

HomePlug 1.0 is the specification for a technology that connects devices to each other through the power lines in a home.

HomePlug certified products connect PCs and other devices that use Ethernet, USB and 802.11 and Wi-Fi technologies to the powerline via a “bridge” or “adapter”. Some products, such as connected audio players, even have HomePlug technology built-in. 

These products provide a simple solution for consumers interested in distributing connectivity around their home, without the expense and disruption of adding new wires.

There is a wide choice of affordable HomePlug certified products available today and you can use them to create a fast and secure home computer network that is available at every power outlet in your home, providing high speeds (now 85Mbps), robust quality-of-service, and excellent security.

You can access a HomePlug network from any electrical power socket anywhere in your home, thus allowing you to choose any location for your home/ office and change it whenever you wish.

This technology is particularly well suited to old buildings and houses, as the adapters don’t suffer from typical WLAN obstacles like thick walls and multi-floors.

The plug has a built in encryption system, because it reaches beyond your house and you would prefer not to share your LAN with the neighbours.Turning on the encryption ensures that only devices with your password can be on the network.

It is compatible with other power line communication systems – since it operates on high frequencies, this prevents interference with low-speed power line systems such as X10, thus allowing you to use your LAN and home automation together.

For Example:-

The MicroLink dLAN Highspeed Kit from the German company Devolo, is the first product to offer data transfers of up to 85 Mbps over your existing household power circuit.

The two Devolo plugs supplied in the pack connect to your PC or Mac via Ethernet, which makes the system virtually plug and play. Connect two PCs in your home to mains plugs using the adapters and a few clicks later, you have a network.

This new high-speed generation of Devolo MicroLink dLAN adapters, opens up a whole new range of possibilities. In addition to extending your existing broadband connection around the house, this latest standard ensures that PCs can exchange large files over the electricity mains without long delays.

Even videos in DVD quality can be transferred over your household electricity circuit, including VoIP calls and network cameras.

Also in combination with IP-TV (Internet Protocol-TV), video on demand can be an impressive experience now available.

Wherever there’s a power socket in your home.MicroLink dLAN Highspeed adapters are highly secure, equipped with automatic DESpro encryption and are fully backwards compatible with the popular MicroLink dLAN and other HomePlug products currently supporting 14Mbps transfer rates.

Features and Benefits of the MicroLink dLAN* Highspeed 

  • Enables 85Mbps PC home computer network system & Internet access extension, via your existing household power circuit.(*dLAN = Direct LAN)
  • Provides the easiest broadband and network extension into any room or onto any floor in the house, including the attic, cellar or garden shed.
  • Simply by connecting a MicroLink dLAN adapter to an ADSL/ cable/ modem/ router (Ethernet); and plugging it into a power socket. There are no drivers to install making installation child’s play.
  • More PCs? – Just add more MicroLink dLAN adapters for additional connectivity.
  • Supply every room in the house with IP-TV (Internet Television) and stream videos in DVD quality throughout your home.
  • Ranges of up to 200 metres – no problem with thick concrete walls and multi-floors.
  • Ideal for connecting games consoles to the Internet for Online Gaming.
  • Adding a MicroLink wireless plug can provide Wi-Fi connectivity in case you should want to use a laptop or other device without a lead.
  • Power saving mode – automatically switches to stand-by if not being used (30% saving on power consumption).
  • Security from eavesdroppers with automatic DESpro encryption (password protected).
  • The entire Devolo dLAN product family is compatible with the International HomePlug standard and can be flexibly combined to suit your individual requirements, providing an easy option for home networking.
  • Wide support of operating systems – Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux

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