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The Pixord 200 IP Security Camera…Enables Viewing Of Video Over A Network And The Internet.

IP Security Cameras enable you to view video over a network and the Internet.

They can either be connected to PCs and Network Video Recorders locally, to view and record cameras on a LAN, orthe video can be monitored and recorded remotely at multiple locations, using a wide range of network configurations including the Internet.

IP cameras are increasingly popular due to their ease of installation, flexibility, and the low cost of ownership. They also provide functions, which are not available in analogue cameras.

For Example:-

The Pixord 200 IP Wireless Camera can be connected to an Ethernet directly and is a standalone system with a built-in video server. This Pixford IP camera makes it easier to view your video images over the Internet, without the need for a PC or software.

Remote monitoring of this IP security camera is as easy as surfing on the Internet using web browsers, wherever you are in the world. In addition the camera can digitally record locally or remotely and send e-mail messages and pictures that have been pre-timed, or by a triggered event.

Features of the Pixford IP Camera:-

  • Internal wireless colour camera.
  • Colour CCD image sensor.
  • High Resolution 704×576 pixels.
  • View up to 25 frames per second over the internet.
  • Built-in Web Server providing Internet capability for remote viewing.
  • Motion Detection and recording using built in software.
  • Scheduled recording by date and time.
  • GPIO Input for event triggering.
  • E-mail / FTP / Internal Buffer Storage / Relay Out / PPP Dialling Out for event action.
  • Pixford DDNS support for dynamic IP application.
  • 3- layer password protection for high security control.
  • Pixord Voice Server provides live streaming of audio as well as images.
  • Self-contained HTTP Web Server providing Internet capability.
  • IP assignment is via ARP/Web Page/IP Installer making it easy to install for users.
  • A JAVA-based web page provides maximum platform compatibility.
  • Active-X control for Internet Explorer provides maximum performance.
  • Firmware is upgradeable remotely and user content pages can be accessed via FTP.
  • Server operating control is provided through a CGI base script allowing easy integration of the application for users.
  • One additional external video input and one internal video output are also provided.
  • The live streaming voice is provided by integration with the Pixford Voice Server.

To set up the IP Network Camera you will need a regular straight Category 5 or 6 Ethernet cable and an available port on your hub, switch or router.

Installation Methods The Pixord 200 IP security camera is designed for installation on an Ethernet network, which involves assigning it an IP address, automatically or manually, depending on how your network is configured. The following methods may be used:-

The Pixord Internet Dynamic DNS Service, which is provided free.

The Pixord IP Utility for Windows.

From a command prompt, arp -s and ping may be used On a Mac – simply go to ‘My network devices’ in the Safari browser.

Pixord is one of the largest IP camera manufacturers in the world and delivers a high quality and broad range of professional IP camera products, at very competitive prices compared to other better known brands.

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