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Marking Property Improves the Chances Of Recovering Your Stolen Possessions.

 The Ultimate Theft Deterrent

SmartWater,the product for marking property, is designed to deter thieves and protect your possessions and is now recognized as one of the most powerful criminal deterrents available.

SmartWater’s crime reduction stratagem, uses forensic science to deter criminals, whilst protecting your premises and property. The security marking product thas been used effectively to deal with crimes such as burglary, robbery theft from motor vehicle, hate crimes and domestic violence.

SmartWater’s mathematical model makes possible, the generation of millions of individual codes, similar to DNA – but more robust; these codes are unique and can be analysed to the size of a pin head.


  • It is an invisible marking product designed to deter thieves and protect personal possessions.
  • SmartWater is a colourless liquid solution that is simply applied to your valuables.
  • All sorts of property can be security marked, such as jewellery, cameras, ornaments, electrical items and even your motor vehicle.
  • The bottle contains a unique chemical ‘code’ which is registered to you alone– irrefutably proving ownership.
  • Invisible marking – it can’t be easily seen by the naked eye and is almost impossible to remove.
  • The property marking liquid glows under ultraviolet light, so it’s easily detected by Police.
  • The Police use it in undercover operations to identify and convict criminals.

Over 400 UK convictions and a 100% conviction rate have been achieved, when SmartWater was used as evidence in court.

Criminals know about the power of SmartWater and they are afraid of it!

So, by coding your valuables and displaying the SmartWater deterrent signs, you will send out a powerful warning to any thieves and burglars targeting your area, to give your home a wide berth!

For further information on marking property visit the SmartWater website.

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