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Motorbike Security… Don’t be a Victim.! Motorbike Security will Protect your Precious Machine.

Be aware of the risk of thieves targeting your valuable investment, by installing motorbike security that will deter, hamper and beat the criminal. Yes, motorcycle theft could happen to you. So the following motorbike security advice could help to protect your precious machine.

Motorcycle Security Products Do not rely upon the ignition or steering lock fitted to the machine as standard, which are quite easy to overcome. Use other motorcycle security products such as a brake disc lock, a good lock and chain, or an approved alarm and immobiliser system. 

Motorcycle Security Alarms and Immobilisers There is a wide choice of motorcycle security alarms and immobilisers available. Many products when professionally installed are endorsed by manufacturers and can result in a premium discount or a lower excess from your Insurance Company. When professionally fitted they tend to be more reliable and give added peace of mind, however, they do cost a lot more than DIY types.

Motorcycle Security Chain Use of a quality lock and chain to anchor your bike to a solid object such as a lamp post, iron railing or another vehicle, could deter a thief from even attempting to steal your bike. Carry a motorcycle security chain with you, but don’t wear it around your shoulders or waist, as you could be seriously injured if involved in an accident.

At home, keep the machine in your garage, or if none is available install a ground anchor, otherwise the machine could be exposed to risk for long periods while you are away.

Brake Disc Locks These are best used with an additional type of motorcycle security product, as if used on their own they will not deter a professional thief, who will simply break the lock off, or load your bike into his vehicle and remove the disc lock later.

Security Marking Is your motorcycle security marked?Marking your motorcycle is vital as it aids the police, when having recovered a stolen bike or parts; they need to trace the owner and the marking may also help to convict the thief.

Use an ultra violet pen to mark body panels, seats and engine components. You could invest in Datatag (an electronic tagging system, that enables you to invisibly ID your motorcycle), or an Alpha Dot security marking system,(a simple paint on application), both of which are reasonably priced and recognised by most motorcycle insurance companies.

A Vehicle Tracking System…Could Be Your Best Option To Prevent Thieves Taking Your Motorbike.

The Alpha-Dot Security Marking System…Is An Innovative Theft Deterrent.

Wheel Clamps… Can prevent vehicle theft and deter illegal parking.

 Motor Insurance…Protects You Against Liability for Motor Accidents You May Cause.

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