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A Network Camera…Is a Camera and Computer Integrated Into One Module.

What is a Network Camera?

A network camera is a camera and computer integrated into one module. Live pictures are captured and transmitted over an IP network, thus allowing users to view, manage and store video locally, or remotely over a standard IP-based network.

This type of camera doesn’t need to be connected to a PC and can be placed wherever there is an IP network connection. 

The network camera has its own IP address when connected to the network and has a built-in web server, FTP server, FTP client and e-mail client, alarm management and is programmable.
By comparison, a Web camera needs a connection to a PC to operate via a USB or IEEE1394 port.

In addition to video, the camera is capable of video motion detection, audio, activation of alarms or lights, and the control of pan-tilt-zoom functions. Images that were collected prior to an alarm can be saved or sent via image buffers in the network camera.

It will also allow authorized viewers from different locations, to simultaneously access images from the same network camera.

For Example:-

The AXIS Network Camera 207

The recently launched AXIS IP Camera 207 is the world’s smallest MPEG-4 network camera, measuring only approximately 2 x 1 x 3 inches and easily attachable anywhere using only a small G clamp.

This network camera is tailor made for indoor surveillance and remote monitoring applications, which is ideal for protecting homes, small business and offices. Axis is trying to meet the needs of this market by offering a high quality camera at an affordable price.


  •  The high quality progressive scan CMOS image sensor, provides excellent performance in low light conditions down to 1 lux.
  • The AXIS 207 incorporates a built-in Web server and operates independently of a PC, which enables users to access live images from anywhere in the world via the Internet.
  • The camera provides full-motion video (up to 30 frames a second) using MPEG-4 compression or Motion JPEG video streaming.
  • It has a built-in microphone for audio detection, which enables users to view motion and hear synchronised sound at up to 30 frames per second.
  • An Input/Output port at the back of the camera also provides for remote control of locks, doors and alarms.
  • Multi-user level security password protection for restricted camera access.
  • AXIS Camera Explorer – application software included for easy viewing, management and recording.
  • Easy installation using the AXIS Internet Dynamic DNS Service, or the Windows-based AXIS IP Utility software.
  • Built-in ActiveX media player, compatible with QuickTime, Real Networks, MS player, Packet Video and various cell phone media players.
  • Video motion detection including alarm input and output, which can be activated to generate images or video up to 4 MB.

Position the AXIS 207 where you want it, connect the power, and enjoy full frame rate video on your computer.

Optional Accessories:- Include protective housings, IR illuminators, wireless bridges, power over Ethernet etc.

A wide range of application software is also available from Axis and its Application Development Partners.

Here are further examples of network IP cameras: –

IP Camera…Veo Wireless Observer – Keep An Eye On Your Home Without Wires.

The Pixord 200 IP Security Camera…Enables You To View Video Over A Network And The Internet.

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